Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Oh, you're just not cut out to be a high school teacher... you're so great with little kids and you're too nice!"

today was awful. i am a mess. but it was just one class.i love high school. i really do. i love being able to have deep intellectual conversations about art with these brilliant students. i have just finished crying about the lesson i taught because it was 1) my first day of teaching high school, 2) the first visit from my professor while i am teaching high school, 3) i did not prep as much as i should because i went to the jazz game last night and got home at midnight and 4) I showed a few clips from art21 (a PBS contemporary art documentary) and some of the student were offended because there was inappropriate material in it... that i did not notice when i watched it.
so what did i do? i fumed and i cleaned the ceramics room and i thought about how stupid of a teacher i was not to notice those sorts of things and have a better plan in the first place while listening to the AP art history discussion and i fumed some more. what if i LIKE working with high schoolers??? i don't WANT to teach elementary, so why does everyone expect me to?????
i am so mad about so many things and i need to go on a long run. thats all i can say for now. blech.

1 comment:

anna. said...

probably it's just utah kids. they are lame.

teach whatever the eff you want. because if you don't do what you want...what's the point?

(there's not one)

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