Saturday, February 14, 2009

Memories from the honeymoon... strawberries and orange juice

I got this for Mr. D for Valentines, along with some...other things from one of the greatest stores I have ever been to. A bit pricy, but well worth the money. He loved it all.
We really had the BEST Valentines Day, mostly because I have one of the most thoughtful Mr.'s on the planet...we visited with A and she had bought heart-shaped pizzas and other goodies for a lunch for all of her work friends (and us!). Then D had to go cover the BYU women's basketball game at 3, so I ran a few last minute errands and had A over for some Scrubs watching. 
After dinner, Mr. D had the idea that we should go get flowers for my sister, his granny, his cousins and aunts that live close to us. I love that man! We spent the rest of the evening visiting with the women in our lives that we love. It was truly a wonderful, fulfilling Valentines.

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