Sunday, February 01, 2009

magazine addiction and U.S. Air SkyMiles

I love magazines. 
I love the way they look when they stick out of my mailbox. 
I love the silky feel of the cover as I open the full color pages and eagerly dig into newfound knowledge.
I love that I can read a whole magazine in less time than it takes to read a novel and remember more information from the magazine.
Reading a magazine that is tangible, in your hand is a zillion times cooler than reading something online. Because you can mark it up, tear out pages you want to use, or dog-ear pages you want to share with someone or remember.
Why I am talking so much about magazines? Because I love them. I currently receive, monthly:
Runners World
Women's Health
Vegetarian Times
Art in America
Sports Illustrated (Granted, that last one we got D for his birthday last year)
*And I only plan on continuing subscriptions for the first two, because I literally read every article in RW and WH, cover to cover. 
THEN I got this AMAZING letter in the mail. I had over 3000 Skymiles that will expire in March (Thank you, U.S. Airways), which wouldn't be a big deal because it is not enough to get a free trip to Hawaii... 
They had an offer for redeeming my miles for MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS. THAT MEANS THEY WOULD BE FREE. My heart skipped a beat and I knew what a had to do.
Now I am also subscribed to: (mind you, these were all free for at least a year, since I "paid" with my Skymiles)
Women's Day

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