Friday, February 27, 2009

The greatest gardening website ever

If you want to know how to garden. And wouldn't you know it, if you google "How to be a gardener" it directs you to the BBC (already my homepage and favorite website, but then it gets better!!!) and you can get a username and password and you have access to ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF.

This is going to be the greatest growing season of my life. I can tell. I was so grateful for my little young garden, especially when the first of Lucy's 5 kittens died early on and we were able to bury him there. Poor little Jude.

Plus, it can't be any worse than last year when I spent over a hundred dollars (much to Mr. D's dismay) buying these plants: the back row were tomato plants and strawberry plants that died a slow death throughout the summer due to drowning and lack of sun, while my front row flowers took on a life of their own and dominated the sidewalk throughout July and August. They would not be tamed. So go ahead. Give back to your mother earth. Its time to get tree-huggery!

This year... I plant SEEDS.

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