Thursday, February 05, 2009


Yes, I have witnessed it all around me, maybe even been a part of it a handful of times, but never in an art class.

Today someone attempted to cheat in my art class.

We are continuing work on our Graphic Novel Comics (as I have started calling them) and three students had turned in their completed work in once of my classes. A student in the other class complained to me that she couldn't find her GNC, and I kept encouraging her to look around the classroom, as I was still attending to the needs of 38 other students. She came back to me in tears, as she realized that someone else had taken her GNC, colored it in with crayon, and turned it in as their own work.

Long story short, I was furious. I had a chat with both students and the student who did the cheating apologized (after insisting it was theirs) and will not get credit on the project (whoop-de-do, a 0 out of 10) and the poor girl who's project of three days is now ruined can start over (but she will already get full points whether or not she finishes). I obviously don't think the punishment fits the crime, but can think of no other (fair) way to solve this dilemma. I am exhausted and have a headache and feel every part of my body drained of energy. I hate today.

Word of advice?? DONT CHEAT IN AN ART CLASS. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT and it hurts more people than you think it will (unless you are selfishly thinking of only yourself, in which case you should realize it WILL hurt others. duh). AUGH.


Mandy said...

Once I took a ceramic duck and turned it in as my own. Poor Heidi Higginbotham couldn't find her ceramic duck. I scratched out the "HH" that was carved into the back. I didn't even get caught...shame on me!
Sorry you had a rough day at are really getting the full effect of teaching, aren't you? Maybe they planted cheaters in your class to see how you'd react. Well done, Mrs. D!

Mrs. D said...

Yeah I had to talk to the Kid's mom this morning who went all defensive "my child is a good person! they would never do something like that on purpose!" I found out that this student, in my class total of 80, was the only non-mormon kid. she thought i was attacking her child because they weren't LDS. yikes.

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