Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blessings for those who wash their sinkful of dirty dishes even though they have the flu

We were supposed to have a family in our ward over for dinner tonight, on account of the fact that they just moved in a few weeks ago, and on their first day our ward, the wife sat next to me in R.S., we chatted and she seemed really nice. I had to cancel dinner tonight because I am sick (the influenza, as usual). So, just an hour ago, she, her husband and three-year old boy came over and brought me THIS:
Well, not the snoopy cat in the right-hand corner, but you get the jist. Is it too early to say think I just found my new best friend? What wonderful thing did I ever do to deserve something like this? Tonight, I will feel like a queen as I sip on my orange juice and eat my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Feeling sick was never so good so good so good!

1 comment:

Merrick said...

Don't you love nice new people in the ward? I do!

Feel better soon!

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