Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three years ago today...I said yes.

Has it really been three years? I thought it fitting to (finally) type up The Story, as I wrote it in my diary (you can laugh all you want, but it is valuable information, since I remember only bits and pieces now)... Sorry its a bit gushy, but realize now that I was a little over the top due to the effects of the birth control pills I had just started taking  at the time. Enjoy.
January 26, 2006 (Thursday). Yesterday was one of the best nights of my life--by far. Although Drew and I have already established a wedding date in [the] temple and arranged for it, and for the past month or so we've been making plans as though we are engaged but last night/early this morning Drew finally proposed to me and gave me the ring. The most beautiful, meaningful, priceless ring I have ever seen in my entire--or even just object that I've ever wanted for my own in my young life. It was perfect--last night, that is. The ring is perfect. I figured it would probably be a good idea to document feelings, events, etc while they are still fresh in my mind, not even 24 hours ago. Wow.
Ok, so to start of[f] I'll backtrack to Tuesday night, when Drew suddenly disappeared (told [me] he was running errands) apparently to Salt Lake to get my ring after spending a large part of the afternoon [with me] (after classes), so about an hour. Then he said he would be leaving but would come back with a present for me[!]. When he later came back that night around 9, an hour after he said he would (which was ok, since I was just doing homework--later found out that he got caught up talking with friend Joe Cook about proposal and insurance, etc) and was back with a Cafe Rio dessert. I didn't want any of [it], so just talked with him and went to bed relatively early (11pm-ish, but later than I was hoping because Amy and Keely came in and were talking with us, then I talked with Amy afterwards about my lack of formal engagement--ironic!) 
Flash forward past school and work yesterday, Drew picked my up from nannying and we agreed to eat later and just head over to the basketball game. Just a heads up, the entire evening I was worried and thinking, "Is he going to do it?? No! Well, then why would he ask me to go out with him all Wednesday night? What's tonight's climax supposed to be?" I was sooo nervous about it all especially at the basketball game, but after we got to the restaurant I calmed down a bit and stopped worrying about it and really just enjoyed the evening. We were down in the basketball game by 9 when we left, but apparently ended up winning in overtime [a good omen?]. It was especially nice to not be near roommates or anyone else really, it was like it was just the two of us watching the game, very intimate, not something I was used to from any of the games we attended. Then, of course we went to the Olive Garden (a "surprise," but I figured and was hoping we'd go there--sentimental reasons [which I will disclose September 15th].)
At the OG I was slightly disappointed by the waiter asking if we were celebrating anything and Drew said we were just eating, so nopeBut then after ordering we noticed it had started to flurry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is really something magical about snow. We got a shared plate of stuffed shells and shrimp along with our free salad and breadsticks. Soo good but very filling.

After the movies, Drew wanted dessert [like always] (although I wasn’t hungry) and we drove to Denny’s. Ahhh… Denny’s. By this time it was snowing a lot, especially sticking/good snowball making snow. There were SO many people there holy mackrel [a phrase I started using earlier that summer from Goop] (to borrow from Daniel) and we had our brownie a la mode (v.g.) and he asked if I wanted to go home yet (of course not). So we passed the Glenwood and went up to where I don’t know. Finally, I realized it as the base area of hiking the Y [something we wouldn’t do together for the first time for another year and a half]—where you go to park (there was only one other car there, still snowing!) and it was gorgeous! We got out and peered at the overlook of Provo (most was covered in snow/clouds/fog). We started talking and he soon brought up the past activities in the last few hours and why we did them/what they represented:

-Basketball game (Football games, and sports activities we’ve attended, ie first football game we went to together where I sat on his shoulders [a random memory, I am well aware])

-The Olive Garden (This was to celebrate [our two?] month [dating] anniversary, before we went ring shopping for the first time)

-Dollar movies (first couple of dates were constant hours on end watching movies, pretty much all were at home or at the dollar theater)

-Denny’s and the Infamous Brownie A La Mode (Our first date, of course!)

-Overlook up [in the] mountains (we would have [deep discussions up at] Squaw Peak and other high areas [in the mountains])

And to top it all off, it was snowing. It COULDN’T have been any more perfect. He mentioned the present he promised me on Tuesday and took out a small envelope. He then took out a small plastic bag with the ring…and proposed a “Would you marry me?”

Yes, it was PERFECT.

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Kana said...

aww... you two are super cute, and cutest married couple i know :)

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