Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thoughts on 2008

I love January 1. Something about everyone being motivated to make New Year's Resolutions just gives me goosebumps. So much anticipation and eagerness to live healthier, reorganize/prioritize life. Everyone tends to look forward, to forget past mistakes and start anew. I was watching the news recap of 2008, and thought I would do a little personal recap of my own.
2008 was the year that I:
-Traveled to Arizona, L.A., Ohio, Massachusetts, Las Vegas but stayed most of the year in Utah (our first summer and New Year's in Utah).
-Adopted a stray cat, raised her illegitimate kittens, and found homes for them.
-Learned to create art with Stained Glass (making two votives and two windows).
-Took bookbinding and made FIVE beautiful books.
-Learned to basketweave FIVE baskets.
-Learned to watercolor.
-Learned to cook and bake a number of fabulous yummy things.
-Stuck to an exercise routine for the whole year, exercising an average of 7 hours a week and rarely missing more than one day a week.
-Cut my own hair, first and last time I do that.
-Integrated (in the latter half of the year) yoga, pilates, and strength training with my cardio.
-Ran THREE 5k's (also in the latter half of the year) 
And in 2009 I hope to:
-Continue exercising at least 8 hours a week
-Create and eat healthier, more balanced meals and whole foods
-Limit my daily chocolate consumption to only once a week
-Only go out to eat two times a month
-Train for and run two half marathons, as well as other 5k's and 10k's
-Complete student teaching, graduate BYU and get a REAL job!
-Create at least four works of art a month (unless they are really large)
-Visit more art museums, travel to NYC
-Not cut my hair. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow
-Do more volunteering and take advantage of service opportunities

So get out there, follow your passion(s), and commit to some resolutions! Good Luck!

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