Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Remember that curriculumming thing that took me over 150 hours?

Well, I got a 101% on it! Thats right, an A+! Too bad BYU only gives "A"s and no "A+". I was thrilled and flattered that my professor chose me as one of the curriculums to photocopy as an example. Wow. All that hard work does pay off! That is the best I have done in school since... high school.

And the paper I wrote about Cassandra Barney? She liked it! She really liked it! Her post really made my day, and made all those hours of research, writing and rewriting totally worth it. 

"Hmmm...I wonder what my kittens would say? That's a little frightening now that I think about it. In fact, that's probably what my dad was thinking when he asked me after the funeral, that if he wrote down what he wanted said at his funeral, would I read it. I said ya, sure, that'll be once less thing to worry about. Maybe I should write my own. Or maybe I'll have Ruth do it. I just read a paper that Ruth, a student of Dan Barney's at B.Y.U., wrote about juggling motherhood and an art career. She made me sound like the patron saint of mothers who paint. I do wonder if Ruth had seen me this evening when I stuck a plastic elephant tusk up my nose to entertain my kitten, would she still say nice things? I mean, my nose did bleed a little....I'd also like to thank Ruth for her kind, flattering words and wish her the best of luck."

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