Saturday, January 31, 2009

Race Day Jitters

Why why why why did I decide to run a 10k in the dead of winter??? I keep asking myself that very question. Well, that, and why did I decide to have Coldstone last night? Its made me sicker than I have been in awhile, but at least I don't feel fat for it anymore.

Don't get me wrong. I am trying to think positively. But when I looked up my race on the website, I found out I was one of FIFTEEN female runners for the 10k. What am I, crazy?? I DON'T want to get last place... augh that would be awful. At least I have my music to Zen me out (what would I do without it??) complete with a few of my new favorite "jumpstart" songs (thanks to my pilates and cycle instructor, Allison, who is awesome). I couldn't get myself to even run the last two days, I was so nervous about overtraining. 

If anyone has any ideas for how I can not be such a spaz come race day, it would be SO appreciated! Well, off I go! My only goals are to finish (secretly I hope for finishing in around an hour!) and to NOT get injured so that I can still race next week, in March, and in my half marathon in April. :) Wish me luck(s)! I will need it.

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