Monday, January 19, 2009

Just call us the dynamic duo of awesomeness.

Saturday night I called up A and told her we are going to the mall. And so we went, tried on dozens of outfits, and left after closing without spending a dime (thanks to Coldstone being completely packed, thank goodness). 
On our way home, we saw two Marley-looking (BIG) puppies running around in the middle of the road! Cars were honking, some slowed down, but those big dopes just kept wandering around in the street. I knew what we had to do. I slowly pulled a U-turn so that I was right behind the dogs and "herded" them into the Red Lobster parking lot. 
The poor things looked freezing, and when I opened my car door, those big lugs leaped into my poor little Corolla. Each dog was about 100+ pounds and were shedding, slobbering machines that I am sure some people would call golden lab puppies. After getting some serious drool up in my hair, we found the phone number for Gage and Steele's owner, he came with his pickup truck and attempted to take them home. I say attempted because as soon as he put the first dog in the back of his truck, this six-month old puppy (and I use that term lightly) hopped out and lept back into my car. Hmm. Eventually we maneuvered the dogs out of my car and into his, which was good because they were stinky.
(this is not the puppy we found, but it is one of my favorites: an alaskan sled dog)
When I came home, my poor cat had a total COW, sniffing every square inch of the backseat like he was a drug-sniffing pooch. Hey, I had to do what I had to do. Besides, I like dogs. I would have one if they would have small poops in a litterbox that I could easily clean up and would constantly keep themselves entertained and clean....
Hence why I own a cat. :)

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anna. said...

gage and SCOOTER!

it was pretty sweet though.

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