Friday, January 23, 2009

a five hour nap?!?! and job hunting

I came home today and CRASHED. I didn't think I had lost too much sleep, but obviously I had. Poor D couldn't even wake me up to take him to work, and I think I just mumbled something about him taking the car. Which is a good thing because, well, I just woke up not even an hour ago. Teaching elementary school is exhausting! I am sure it doesn't help that my earliest bedtime is 11:30, but still. Wow.
On another, slightly different tangent, I have been job hunting. I know, I don't graduate for another three months (almost exactly) but I want to get a head start. So, if you or someone you know knows of a good school, public or private or charter that has an art department (anything K-12) and possibly a job opening for the fall, I would love to hear it. Any of the 48 states are applicable (no Utah or Alaska... I have decided that both are too cold for my liking). I am also starting to look for a summer job, such as one at an art supplies store (discounts, anyone??) or a place like Color Me Mine. I will also take any advice I can get for the hunt :)

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