Friday, January 16, 2009

Clark Kent/Lana Lang Quote:

"Our destiny, its not written in some book in the future. We write it ourselves, everyday."
"Now the question is, what do we write next?"
I had the privilege of watching my two favorite shows today: The Biggest Loser and Smallville. Both have such fantastic altruistic messages that I cannot help but love them.
TBL makes me cry shamelessly for the entire two hours minus commercials. For anyone who hasn't watched it before, you are forewarned: it is the greatest show on television. Transforming lives, especially when it comes to people who are grandparents and teenagers but generally for all people, is truly a noble thing. It was Bob's voice screaming in my head (a few expletives, but mostly just "PUSH!") during my run this evening that pushed me harder than I have gone in a long time; I know it sounds cheesy but I went 4 miles in under 38 minutes, and that was a big deal to me.
And on the way home, I grabbed (way too many) books from the library for our color unit I am teaching starting next week, with a focus on cartoons, comics, pop art, and advertising. I am so excited to teach these kids every day, and I really have not had a day that I feel nervous. I love those kids like they were my own, all 73 of them. And I want so badly to invest in them a love of learning and of art that I know I go a little overkill at times stuffing them with information... like the murals and mandalas we are working on today and tomorrow; I am a bit nervous that Dr. G is observing me tomorrow, mostly because we are primarily doing studio work. But at this point, I realize that most of these kids have only been exposed to studio production and need to be eased into the remaining 4 domains. That is hard. These poor kids have a total spaz of a student teacher. But they are having fun. And for me, that is the most important tool in learning, because kids remember things they do that are fun (or cool). I know I did.
I need to organize my lessons a little better. Good thing I have a whole 3-day weekend to study up for next week! I love teaching about art. This is truly my (career-related) calling in life. Is is terrible that I already tear up when I think about leaving those little ones? Two weeks FLEW by, only four more to go... :( 
I wonder if I could just stay for the rest of the school year?

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