Thursday, January 01, 2009

20 years ago

While we were driving to Kirtland (a three hour drive), my dad (who works for an advertising company called Kreber) told me about how when Kreber first started out, the photography and subsequent editing took hours, if not days. That was only 20 years ago, and now nearly anyone can (relatively) inexpensively take a digital photograph and alter it in Photo Shop in the comfort of their own home. 20 years ago, it took one person alternating between working on two computers (working on the first, and then while it was saving/printing working on the second) to put photographs that were manually developed into the computer and then work on altering them to produce two images. And I thought back to my technology classes, where we take digital pictures and in the introductory class one doesn't even learn how to develop their own film! How far we have come. In the epitome of this 20 year development, we have my brother taking digital photos from my little Mac in the "thermal" effect (realize this was only a mini attempt compared to his 300+ photos he took, experimenting with all the effects)... I liked them because they reminded me of something Andy Warhol might have done. Maybe its the colors?

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