Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today was a good day...

And only for the last 200 yards did my face look this painful :)

10k Race Results was not as bad as I thought it would be. Not bad at all. I leeched onto group after group, working my way to the front with a 55:44.4 (PR). Check out the results here. I was so thrilled that I didn't get injured AND I made it under the hour and even more happy to see my mile time average as 8:58!

What a high! What a day! I love running.

P.S. I am the little girl in pigtails with the pink sweatshirt and black leggings. And yes, that was my time. Drew has impeccable timing with his photographs!

Race Day Jitters

Why why why why did I decide to run a 10k in the dead of winter??? I keep asking myself that very question. Well, that, and why did I decide to have Coldstone last night? Its made me sicker than I have been in awhile, but at least I don't feel fat for it anymore.

Don't get me wrong. I am trying to think positively. But when I looked up my race on the website, I found out I was one of FIFTEEN female runners for the 10k. What am I, crazy?? I DON'T want to get last place... augh that would be awful. At least I have my music to Zen me out (what would I do without it??) complete with a few of my new favorite "jumpstart" songs (thanks to my pilates and cycle instructor, Allison, who is awesome). I couldn't get myself to even run the last two days, I was so nervous about overtraining. 

If anyone has any ideas for how I can not be such a spaz come race day, it would be SO appreciated! Well, off I go! My only goals are to finish (secretly I hope for finishing in around an hour!) and to NOT get injured so that I can still race next week, in March, and in my half marathon in April. :) Wish me luck(s)! I will need it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

good-bye, January!

I just realized that I am on my 108th post and have, sadly missed my 100 mark. It happens. Life is so good and so busy and I cannot believe tomorrow I will be running my first 10k. I am a little nervous but also excited as it will be the longest race I have run and a good segway into my half marathon in two months (!).
Also, January has been the longest month of my life. I am done with snow/cold and am more than ready for spring to come. 
Good riddance, January!
P.S. If you do not understand how strongly I feel about this awful month, I think this look accurately sums it up...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craziness in the POP art room

This week we have started Pop! Art with Andy Warholian Self-Portrait Prints, Roy Lichtenstein Graphic Novels/Comics with watercolor (hence, the dirty sink), and (tomorrow) Sculpee cakes in the manner of Wayne Thiebaud!

Also, in keeping with my desire to create alongside my students, I have started my Graphic Novel, Chloe and Co (Name inspired by Carter & Co.) More art photos to come soon!

For the first time in my life I can honestly say I love ALL my classes!


Now be serious. Could your cat straddle the couch like this while spying on neighbors??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

candid moment

i love this picture (taken this weekend) of us at an art education sledding activity. Because it perfectly captures our relationship, something that I feel most people can't see. I love candids.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three years ago today...I said yes.

Has it really been three years? I thought it fitting to (finally) type up The Story, as I wrote it in my diary (you can laugh all you want, but it is valuable information, since I remember only bits and pieces now)... Sorry its a bit gushy, but realize now that I was a little over the top due to the effects of the birth control pills I had just started taking  at the time. Enjoy.
January 26, 2006 (Thursday). Yesterday was one of the best nights of my life--by far. Although Drew and I have already established a wedding date in [the] temple and arranged for it, and for the past month or so we've been making plans as though we are engaged but last night/early this morning Drew finally proposed to me and gave me the ring. The most beautiful, meaningful, priceless ring I have ever seen in my entire--or even just object that I've ever wanted for my own in my young life. It was perfect--last night, that is. The ring is perfect. I figured it would probably be a good idea to document feelings, events, etc while they are still fresh in my mind, not even 24 hours ago. Wow.
Ok, so to start of[f] I'll backtrack to Tuesday night, when Drew suddenly disappeared (told [me] he was running errands) apparently to Salt Lake to get my ring after spending a large part of the afternoon [with me] (after classes), so about an hour. Then he said he would be leaving but would come back with a present for me[!]. When he later came back that night around 9, an hour after he said he would (which was ok, since I was just doing homework--later found out that he got caught up talking with friend Joe Cook about proposal and insurance, etc) and was back with a Cafe Rio dessert. I didn't want any of [it], so just talked with him and went to bed relatively early (11pm-ish, but later than I was hoping because Amy and Keely came in and were talking with us, then I talked with Amy afterwards about my lack of formal engagement--ironic!) 
Flash forward past school and work yesterday, Drew picked my up from nannying and we agreed to eat later and just head over to the basketball game. Just a heads up, the entire evening I was worried and thinking, "Is he going to do it?? No! Well, then why would he ask me to go out with him all Wednesday night? What's tonight's climax supposed to be?" I was sooo nervous about it all especially at the basketball game, but after we got to the restaurant I calmed down a bit and stopped worrying about it and really just enjoyed the evening. We were down in the basketball game by 9 when we left, but apparently ended up winning in overtime [a good omen?]. It was especially nice to not be near roommates or anyone else really, it was like it was just the two of us watching the game, very intimate, not something I was used to from any of the games we attended. Then, of course we went to the Olive Garden (a "surprise," but I figured and was hoping we'd go there--sentimental reasons [which I will disclose September 15th].)
At the OG I was slightly disappointed by the waiter asking if we were celebrating anything and Drew said we were just eating, so nopeBut then after ordering we noticed it had started to flurry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is really something magical about snow. We got a shared plate of stuffed shells and shrimp along with our free salad and breadsticks. Soo good but very filling.

After the movies, Drew wanted dessert [like always] (although I wasn’t hungry) and we drove to Denny’s. Ahhh… Denny’s. By this time it was snowing a lot, especially sticking/good snowball making snow. There were SO many people there holy mackrel [a phrase I started using earlier that summer from Goop] (to borrow from Daniel) and we had our brownie a la mode (v.g.) and he asked if I wanted to go home yet (of course not). So we passed the Glenwood and went up to where I don’t know. Finally, I realized it as the base area of hiking the Y [something we wouldn’t do together for the first time for another year and a half]—where you go to park (there was only one other car there, still snowing!) and it was gorgeous! We got out and peered at the overlook of Provo (most was covered in snow/clouds/fog). We started talking and he soon brought up the past activities in the last few hours and why we did them/what they represented:

-Basketball game (Football games, and sports activities we’ve attended, ie first football game we went to together where I sat on his shoulders [a random memory, I am well aware])

-The Olive Garden (This was to celebrate [our two?] month [dating] anniversary, before we went ring shopping for the first time)

-Dollar movies (first couple of dates were constant hours on end watching movies, pretty much all were at home or at the dollar theater)

-Denny’s and the Infamous Brownie A La Mode (Our first date, of course!)

-Overlook up [in the] mountains (we would have [deep discussions up at] Squaw Peak and other high areas [in the mountains])

And to top it all off, it was snowing. It COULDN’T have been any more perfect. He mentioned the present he promised me on Tuesday and took out a small envelope. He then took out a small plastic bag with the ring…and proposed a “Would you marry me?”

Yes, it was PERFECT.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teachers are awesome

Me and Ctay from over winter break. Don't we just ooze teaching awsomeness?

Friday, January 23, 2009

a five hour nap?!?! and job hunting

I came home today and CRASHED. I didn't think I had lost too much sleep, but obviously I had. Poor D couldn't even wake me up to take him to work, and I think I just mumbled something about him taking the car. Which is a good thing because, well, I just woke up not even an hour ago. Teaching elementary school is exhausting! I am sure it doesn't help that my earliest bedtime is 11:30, but still. Wow.
On another, slightly different tangent, I have been job hunting. I know, I don't graduate for another three months (almost exactly) but I want to get a head start. So, if you or someone you know knows of a good school, public or private or charter that has an art department (anything K-12) and possibly a job opening for the fall, I would love to hear it. Any of the 48 states are applicable (no Utah or Alaska... I have decided that both are too cold for my liking). I am also starting to look for a summer job, such as one at an art supplies store (discounts, anyone??) or a place like Color Me Mine. I will also take any advice I can get for the hunt :)

Yup, I ate the whole box...

And then I painted my nails. It made for quite the evening. Sometimes, life is like that. You plan on going to the gym but after chauffeuring myself and others all day, it happens. Besides, its only, like 1400 calories. I'll work out longer tomorrow :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

why we shouldn't wear dresses while painting...or should we?

I thought I had done it. Four days and eight classes and I through I could last that long without getting any paint on me. Of course, I get overeager the last day and maybe a little bit arrogant so.. I wore all spring colors, complete with a button up WHITE shirt. Yet it was the skirt that I got paint on. Funny how that works.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After two weeks with my awesome classes, I have finally memorized my PM class and half of my AM class! It really is true, that once you memorize names of your students, it makes it so much easier to love them (not that I don't already adore those kids). Even as I am putting their "mug shot" photos through PhotoShop stamping for our Andy Warhol color experiment, I am beyond giddy to teach these kids everything I know about Pop Art, Warhol (well, at least all the kid-friendly stuff), Lichtenstein, and Thiebaud, and how they relate to COLOR! I cannot wait to have kids someday :) They are going to be so smart I just know it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Art at mealtime!

This is the product of something I have been working on and attempting to perfect for the last couple of weeks, since the year started. My goal in preparing our evening meal together has been to incorporate every food group (especially fruits and vegetables), so as a result I have been making a fruit smoothie just about every day to go with dinner. And while we don't get to eat the evening meal together every night with him working at games, I do treasure each and every one. And watching "The Biggest Loser" afterwards helps me avoid getting a not-so-nutritious dessert afterwards. :)

mutts and murals

It was fascinating to me to see these 7, 8, and 9 year old caucasian upper-middle class children watch the inauguration of our 44th (and first mixed-race) President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. I felt so lucky to have been working in a school that has televisions in every classroom, where students were able to watch history in the making. A few of the students watched in revered silence, while others continued to goof around and ignore what was going on over 2000 miles away in Washington. 
It was nice to be able to quietly guide students in painting their murals and creating their collages while listening to Aretha Franklin, the beautiful prayer given by a man I have never heard of but who used such lovely words to dedicate the event, and of course the swearing in of and passing of the power mantle to the most recognizable face and position in American government (please note I did not say the most powerful face in government, I do know better than that). We are truly a blessed people.
This experience reminded me a little bit of watching my eight year old brother's baptism. You see the same thing they are watching, but you know that it is so much bigger than they will be able to understand at this moment of their lives. These children are the sons and daughters of doctors, artists, engineers, architects who (for the most part) are the sons and daughters of pioneers who have lived in the West since the West was won. They are wealthy and white and will probably never fully appreciate the importance of having an African-American president as would, say, a class of children in New York or Kentucky. Or nearly any place other than Utah. And this is a total soapbox but I really do miss the multiculturality of back home, and that is a large reason why I do not plan on raising my children in Utah (no offense to my many friends who love and adore this state, and I do too, but just for the purposes of getting an inexpensive & high quality university education).
I was listening to NPR on the way home, a poet was reading one of her poems about growing up as a mixed-race child. She compared that experience to hearing Obama mention possibly getting his daughters a "mutt" because that was essentially what he was. I paused, thinking, wow. I'm a mutt, too! I have never thought of it that way, but there are so many in America that are a mixture of races, and that is part of what makes our county so great. Wow. God Bless America.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Just call us the dynamic duo of awesomeness.

Saturday night I called up A and told her we are going to the mall. And so we went, tried on dozens of outfits, and left after closing without spending a dime (thanks to Coldstone being completely packed, thank goodness). 
On our way home, we saw two Marley-looking (BIG) puppies running around in the middle of the road! Cars were honking, some slowed down, but those big dopes just kept wandering around in the street. I knew what we had to do. I slowly pulled a U-turn so that I was right behind the dogs and "herded" them into the Red Lobster parking lot. 
The poor things looked freezing, and when I opened my car door, those big lugs leaped into my poor little Corolla. Each dog was about 100+ pounds and were shedding, slobbering machines that I am sure some people would call golden lab puppies. After getting some serious drool up in my hair, we found the phone number for Gage and Steele's owner, he came with his pickup truck and attempted to take them home. I say attempted because as soon as he put the first dog in the back of his truck, this six-month old puppy (and I use that term lightly) hopped out and lept back into my car. Hmm. Eventually we maneuvered the dogs out of my car and into his, which was good because they were stinky.
(this is not the puppy we found, but it is one of my favorites: an alaskan sled dog)
When I came home, my poor cat had a total COW, sniffing every square inch of the backseat like he was a drug-sniffing pooch. Hey, I had to do what I had to do. Besides, I like dogs. I would have one if they would have small poops in a litterbox that I could easily clean up and would constantly keep themselves entertained and clean....
Hence why I own a cat. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


My house is a mess. Leaving it essentially to abandon the last week, we have next to nothing in the fridge, I haven't vacuumed since November (don't ask) and I have dishes to do. Sigh. I have plenty I could be working on, sometimes it is just so daunting and I just want to go out and have fun like everyone else gets to do around here on a weekend.


Sometimes I have so much going on I don't know what to do with myself. Balance is hard. And between school/work, working out, training for my half marathon, and creating/altering lesson plans, I will admit I am a little burnt out. And a little lonely. I feel like I haven't seen D at all unless if you count one of us sleeping or eating or cleaning the house. Life is so busy. Good but busy. I am grateful for three day weekends as catch up on things I have missed out on. 

collage and murals

What a crazy week. I introduced my classes to criticism, aesthetics, and visual culture, not to mention collage and murals. I love teaching. I love art. This week we start on color. I love color.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Clark Kent/Lana Lang Quote:

"Our destiny, its not written in some book in the future. We write it ourselves, everyday."
"Now the question is, what do we write next?"
I had the privilege of watching my two favorite shows today: The Biggest Loser and Smallville. Both have such fantastic altruistic messages that I cannot help but love them.
TBL makes me cry shamelessly for the entire two hours minus commercials. For anyone who hasn't watched it before, you are forewarned: it is the greatest show on television. Transforming lives, especially when it comes to people who are grandparents and teenagers but generally for all people, is truly a noble thing. It was Bob's voice screaming in my head (a few expletives, but mostly just "PUSH!") during my run this evening that pushed me harder than I have gone in a long time; I know it sounds cheesy but I went 4 miles in under 38 minutes, and that was a big deal to me.
And on the way home, I grabbed (way too many) books from the library for our color unit I am teaching starting next week, with a focus on cartoons, comics, pop art, and advertising. I am so excited to teach these kids every day, and I really have not had a day that I feel nervous. I love those kids like they were my own, all 73 of them. And I want so badly to invest in them a love of learning and of art that I know I go a little overkill at times stuffing them with information... like the murals and mandalas we are working on today and tomorrow; I am a bit nervous that Dr. G is observing me tomorrow, mostly because we are primarily doing studio work. But at this point, I realize that most of these kids have only been exposed to studio production and need to be eased into the remaining 4 domains. That is hard. These poor kids have a total spaz of a student teacher. But they are having fun. And for me, that is the most important tool in learning, because kids remember things they do that are fun (or cool). I know I did.
I need to organize my lessons a little better. Good thing I have a whole 3-day weekend to study up for next week! I love teaching about art. This is truly my (career-related) calling in life. Is is terrible that I already tear up when I think about leaving those little ones? Two weeks FLEW by, only four more to go... :( 
I wonder if I could just stay for the rest of the school year?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday is my first day of actual teaching for my elementary student teaching experience. My biggest concern is that I won't have time to teach everything I want to. Five weeks is such a short about of time. I've created contemporary lesson ideas for the elements of art... tomorrow we start with SPACE! I'm so excited!

Saturday was a lovely easygoing morning...

and the first time Kevs started his bird watching. Spring is near, I just know it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Karma

I guess there is a first time for everything.
I came out of Yoga class with L this morning to this three page note on my dashboard. I was frightened at first (what with all the smilie faces and extreme sarcasm in the notes), and then I just had to laugh. L and I looked on both sides to see that my car was indeed inside the lines. Granted, a little close to the line, but I have certainly experienced my fair share of squeezing into my car at the gym because lets be honest, everyone is usually rushing to the gym and that parking lot has some of the most laughable parking jobs I have ever seen...mostly covering 2 (but sometimes 3!) parking spaces. And then I felt a mixture of sadness and relief...

Sadness for this poor girl (because only a girl would write a note like this) who was really offended by my parking job. That probably wasn't the only "terrible" thing to happen to her that day, but it must have been the straw that broke the donkey's back. I felt sad for her because maybe she has no one that loves her. Maybe she is struggling in school or in a job she doesn't like. My mind kept wandering...

So I hope she found peace in writing that note. And I am grateful that I was the recipient of the note, because I could shrug it off and not get offended, whereas someone else may have been devastated or even angry. I am grateful that I could be the one to put an end to this bad karma. Who knows? I wonder if she leaves angry notes often? I wonder if she would have left the note if she knew me? I wonder if she would have resisted leaving a note if it was over Christmas break? I wonder if she has ever had a note left on her dash like that before? 

That is something I love about learning, and art in particular. Especially in studying aesthetics and criticism, I have been pushed to question things, to try to see problems from a hundred different angles. And I am proud to say that I have started applying that concept to my life. Like eliminating bad karma... and that is why I Yoga!

Musings on 2005

I was talking with L about apartment shopping, and it made me think a lot about my own freshman-sophomore year, especially because we are so much alike. I remember the panic I felt saying good bye to all the people who had been my rock for 9 months, and returning home by myself. I cried a lot that summer, and initially I thought it was because I wouldn't be with my FYBF, but looking back it wasn't the case at all, since the I only wanted to be his FYGF when I felt most alone, as terrible as that sounds. But I was a selfish person. And that was how I felt that summer.
I was afraid of being alone. 
2005 was a year of tremendous difficulty and soul-searching that I cannot even begin to describe, but since I can still decently remember it, I wanted to be sure that I documented it, because it was a truly pivotal moment in my life. I read a lot of books and did a lot of thinking, a pretty hard thing to manage while working 3 jobs: as a hostess, tanning salon receptionist, and nanny. Through it all, I really "found" myself and readjusted my goals in life. There was one point right before going back to school when I thought, for the first time in my life, I am actually willing and ready to be in a real, long-term relationship. That was a big deal for me, since my longest relationship to that point was 2 months (not counting the off-and-on-and-off FYBF). 
I finally knew who I was, and who I wanted to be. While I was not desperate to be in a serious relationship immediately, I knew that as an individual, I was whole, complete, even. For what I think was the first time in my life to that point, I had real love for myself. And that was what what necessary to prepare me for what would lie in the second half of 2005. I finally had achieved an identity beyond the superficial outside appearance I had used since my Freshman year in high school. 
Lo and behold, I had a wonderful first week of school being single, hanging out with my supportive and loving roommates and attending my cousin's wedding back home. 
And then I met Him. And He changed my life forever. But that is a story for another time...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Prometheus and Bob

Does anyone other than me remember that show? It was a claymation/stop action show on Nickelodeon during the time of RugRats and Rocco's Modern Life. Anyways, Goop made this stop-action movie over holiday, and watching it reminded me of that. Its pretty good, even if it is only a few frames long (because that was how long it took to get bored/tired). I love kids. Maybe someday I will figure out how to make a slideshow of it.

I love my sisters.

I am sitting here at the Elementary school computer lab. The students are abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm and, other than being a little bit hungry I feel the same way. It is interesting how much is censored in the public schools, because not everyone has the luxury of BYU Blocker like we do to shut out inappropriate images. Maybe its something they should invest in.
Student teaching was wonderful today. I have two classes a day for an hour each (they are there for two but the CT will teach music the other hour) with 40 third and fourth grade kids each class. It was a long drive, with its fair share of challenges (mostly weather-related) but the trusty GPS got me there safe and sound. I feel like I have been reporting all day to people what my first day was like, so I will leave it at that for now. PS I also get THREE recesses! Goop would be so jealous!
I am exhausted, but mostly from lack of sleep and rigorous spinning and pilates classes (thanks Liz). I will leave with a happy note, I figured out this weekend why my heart healthy apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins were so dry...they were missing a whole shredded apple (the Women's Health recipe omitted the ingredient on accident when it printed, but they corrected it this month). They taste much better! Plus, I baked while wearing my new favorite shoes, courtesy of my love. I felt so Leave It To Beaver.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Remember that curriculumming thing that took me over 150 hours?

Well, I got a 101% on it! Thats right, an A+! Too bad BYU only gives "A"s and no "A+". I was thrilled and flattered that my professor chose me as one of the curriculums to photocopy as an example. Wow. All that hard work does pay off! That is the best I have done in school since... high school.

And the paper I wrote about Cassandra Barney? She liked it! She really liked it! Her post really made my day, and made all those hours of research, writing and rewriting totally worth it. 

"Hmmm...I wonder what my kittens would say? That's a little frightening now that I think about it. In fact, that's probably what my dad was thinking when he asked me after the funeral, that if he wrote down what he wanted said at his funeral, would I read it. I said ya, sure, that'll be once less thing to worry about. Maybe I should write my own. Or maybe I'll have Ruth do it. I just read a paper that Ruth, a student of Dan Barney's at B.Y.U., wrote about juggling motherhood and an art career. She made me sound like the patron saint of mothers who paint. I do wonder if Ruth had seen me this evening when I stuck a plastic elephant tusk up my nose to entertain my kitten, would she still say nice things? I mean, my nose did bleed a little....I'd also like to thank Ruth for her kind, flattering words and wish her the best of luck."

Good morning, utah.

I was so nervous for my student teaching to start today, I woke up at 5:15 am, only to be greeted by an email from my cooperating teacher (CT) telling me I had to be there between 8:30-9am. Whoops. I was getting ready to leave at 6:15 to get in by 7:30 (when I thought I had to get there). Now I am too nervous to go back to bed. I am not scared of the kids, I am just nervous that it is my first day and the weather is so bad, and visibility is terrible. Plus, I have never been there. So, being the crazy that I am, I will leave in 20 minutes to give myself a full 2 hours to travel 20 minutes. I'm so excited. Maybe I will take a nap. My drug of choice to calm my pre-teaching jitters? V8 Fusion of course. I hope that when I am famous someday, I can become a spokesperson for them. Because who wouldn't want a full serving each of fruit and vegetables in every glass?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Beauty Full

Yesterday, bored with unpacking, I did something crazy. I broke into the toolbox we own to find a hammer and little nails and started hammering nails into our bedroom wall. One for every necklace I own: 34. But I ran out of space, so I still have 6 necklaces sitting pretty in my jewelry box. Isn't it beautiful? I don't know why I didn't think of this before. When I have an art studio in my home someday, this will be the first thing I hang up to decorate.
There's truly no experience like watching a basketball game by yourself in front of an open fireplace
...with Boston giving you the stare down. Creepy.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

20 years ago

While we were driving to Kirtland (a three hour drive), my dad (who works for an advertising company called Kreber) told me about how when Kreber first started out, the photography and subsequent editing took hours, if not days. That was only 20 years ago, and now nearly anyone can (relatively) inexpensively take a digital photograph and alter it in Photo Shop in the comfort of their own home. 20 years ago, it took one person alternating between working on two computers (working on the first, and then while it was saving/printing working on the second) to put photographs that were manually developed into the computer and then work on altering them to produce two images. And I thought back to my technology classes, where we take digital pictures and in the introductory class one doesn't even learn how to develop their own film! How far we have come. In the epitome of this 20 year development, we have my brother taking digital photos from my little Mac in the "thermal" effect (realize this was only a mini attempt compared to his 300+ photos he took, experimenting with all the effects)... I liked them because they reminded me of something Andy Warhol might have done. Maybe its the colors?
This pretty much sums up how this holiday has been the past few weeks. As much as I enjoy the laziness of it all, I am thrilled to get back to work student teaching, painting, and reading (I already started the first of my 2009 workout). And I do need to clean my house. Happy New Year!

Thoughts on 2008

I love January 1. Something about everyone being motivated to make New Year's Resolutions just gives me goosebumps. So much anticipation and eagerness to live healthier, reorganize/prioritize life. Everyone tends to look forward, to forget past mistakes and start anew. I was watching the news recap of 2008, and thought I would do a little personal recap of my own.
2008 was the year that I:
-Traveled to Arizona, L.A., Ohio, Massachusetts, Las Vegas but stayed most of the year in Utah (our first summer and New Year's in Utah).
-Adopted a stray cat, raised her illegitimate kittens, and found homes for them.
-Learned to create art with Stained Glass (making two votives and two windows).
-Took bookbinding and made FIVE beautiful books.
-Learned to basketweave FIVE baskets.
-Learned to watercolor.
-Learned to cook and bake a number of fabulous yummy things.
-Stuck to an exercise routine for the whole year, exercising an average of 7 hours a week and rarely missing more than one day a week.
-Cut my own hair, first and last time I do that.
-Integrated (in the latter half of the year) yoga, pilates, and strength training with my cardio.
-Ran THREE 5k's (also in the latter half of the year) 
And in 2009 I hope to:
-Continue exercising at least 8 hours a week
-Create and eat healthier, more balanced meals and whole foods
-Limit my daily chocolate consumption to only once a week
-Only go out to eat two times a month
-Train for and run two half marathons, as well as other 5k's and 10k's
-Complete student teaching, graduate BYU and get a REAL job!
-Create at least four works of art a month (unless they are really large)
-Visit more art museums, travel to NYC
-Not cut my hair. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow
-Do more volunteering and take advantage of service opportunities

So get out there, follow your passion(s), and commit to some resolutions! Good Luck!

Mama A's Gifts

In Summer 2006 I worked in a place called the Clayroom, where I painted ceramics and loved it. This was a mother's day fruit bowl I made for Mama A. (At the time, we had a lot of relatives living in my home, so all their names were listed around the outside).

No place like Home Alone

We just got back today from a marvelous two weeks with our families for the holidays. We had so much fun attending sporting events, shopping, going to Kirtland, seeing movies, and just being with our amazing families. 
So we came home in good moods, with about 10 pounds more luggage and 5 pounds (apiece) more weight than when we left. And two belated Christmas surprises by our darling Kevs:
1. He tore open a completely unopened box of honey nut Cheerios from the kitchen, broke open the plastic bag inside the box, took it under our bed and proceeded to EAT some of the Cheerios. We only found about half the Cheerios. What kind of cat does that??? Its not like he was starving, we had family checking in on him and feeding him... on that note, I apologize to MD and her family for his behavior. I didn't take pictures of THAT since I thought it was a little too violent for the public to view.
2. While there were other things that were attacked (like a mouse I have already stitched up twice that will probably never recover, multiple toilet papers and paper towels, random boxes) while we were away, no one suffered more than this poor bear my brother gave me for my birthday a few weeks before we left. You can't tell by the photo, but he is missing an eye, and the "Happy Birthday" star has stuffing coming out of it. It is also soaking wet and we are predicting that it was tossed into the toilet. Thus, it no longer sings. Sad.
So don't be fooled. Even though your pet may seem innocent, you never really know they are actually Marley-wannabes until you leave them Home Alone without enough toys.
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