Wednesday, April 30, 2008

animal rights

After looking at what I wrote about my Lucy and her kittens, I wanted to clarify why I posted those pictures and my story. I really believe strongly in the importance of a respect for nature. With that, I also understand the massive problem that lies in so many cities like my own of an overpopulation of stray animals that have no home. That is why we chose to adopt Lucy, a stray we found outside of our home back in January of this year. When we adopted her we knew that she would probably get pregnant (because she was young and always outside) and when she had the kittens I committed myself to only giving away those kittens to the homes of people that I knew that would not be involved in anything questionable and would take good care of the kittens. And we also committed to getting Luce spayed as soon as we could to assure that we were doing our part to reduce the amount of strays that are reproducing at a faster rate than people are willing to adopt them at. Other artists that are also animal activists I have found so far are located at and more information about animal rights and to report animal abuse can be located: here and one more little tidbit for thought: Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him? ~Pierre Troubetzkoy

Monday, April 28, 2008

New additions to our little family...

what we first saw at 8am on our bedroom floor....

We thought Ms. Lucy was all the addition we needed, but I guess you could say she had other plans for us! According to our calculations, Lucy, who had her babies yesterday, 27 April 2008 (Sunday) got pregnant less than a week after we got her!! Yikes that girl works fast!!!
Needless to say, we couldn't be happier for our little unattached girl... she had the kittens yesterday from about 830 am to 1130 am and the story of how we found out is pretty funny. I woke up about 830 am and could not find Lucy--I was worried that she had been inside the house pretty much all day yesterday and since we do not have a litter box in the house I was concerned about...well, lets just say the condition of the carpet. So I was searching around the house and could hear her cooing (she only meows for food and to go outside) so I went back to the bedroom, lifted up the cloth on the nightstand, and felt around for Lucy, feeling her and--SOMETHING WET AND SQUIRMY!! In my best defense, I was not wearing my glasses/contacts (which I think I am legally blind without and) I freaked out because we had had a serious mice problem a little while back and she is an outdoor cat, so (from what Drew tells me) I started screaming and throwing a fit for him to "kill the mouse!" and he looked over and replies "Um... I think thats a kitten."
So I went into automatic mommy-mode, quickly accommodating the timid newborn grey kitten we would call "Jude" and his placenta with some much needed towels.
So for the next three hours I stayed by Lucy's side and tried to keep her calm but of course she had it all under control, and then came Kevin Garnett (with his all-black hair, but white spots that were just about the exact same spots as Luce on his face and paws) and very shortly thereafter Paul Pierce (who was black with a white tummy, legs, "collar" and face).
And then came Jude's "twin", Desmond, who was also all-grey but was much more aggressive than his elder brother. And finally, at about 1130 came my personal favorite and the little surprise of the bunch, a brown and white and black calico-looking kitten I named Big Papi.

It was just amazing. I was expecting four (so that fifth was a shocker!) and all of them survived and are doing super well. The only people we have had over are the downstairs neighbors (who have already offered to take one!) and Drew's cousins. But Lucy is good about letting me handle them (and other people as well) so long as she keeps a watchful eye on us. They are all so beautiful, it's hard to imagine them getting cuter when they are chubbier and fluffier and when they open their eyes!!

And Lucy is doing very well, the picture perfect mama who has grown even more attached to me, which Drew attributes to me being there and petting/giving attention to her during labor. So she follows me around, but races back to the kittens when they start crying. We were a little bummed that my family left the day before the kittens came but at the same time it would have been a little chaotic.

He's a big boy now

Well, It happened at long last-- Drew finally graduated from BYU! Here are a few cute pictures from the Graduation on Friday April 25, 2008 that I liked.

Eat your heart out, tree huggers

My garden: tomatoes all along the top row with one strawberry plant at the end, and on the front row, all purple pansies and red flowers that I cannot remember the name of quite now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the best work of art I have ever made

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! well, it is a day late but I did plant my first garden today. It was an exhilarating experience but took me three hours, about as long as it took me to clean my entire house before my family came to see my house since they got into town. My back is sooore. And I forgot to eat since I was so busy so even though its 10pm I am still hungry after dinner and three desserts :) It happens. I planted a strawberry plant, about 10 tomato plants and a BUNCH of flowers, petunias and some other "P" starting named red flower. It looks beautiful. I will put up a picture as soon as I can find some batteries. I have dubbed this, my very first garden, as not just my pride and joy but also the best work of art I have ever made, because EVERYONE can see it...hopefully especially my neighbors and the people who work at Cherry Lane Keepsakes next door and it will make their day happy and inspire them to also follow the prophets counsel and plant a garden. Also, it is my darling Lucy's first birthday today (or so we have decided) so I bought her a pretty pink collar (with a bell so I stop accidentally stepping on her I hope!) that I think she really likes. And she was very interested in gardening with me, moving the dirt around and sniffing all the plants, surveying everything that I was doing the whole time. She loved it. And it was fun to see the surprised look on our neighbors face as she saw that the leaves were finally a BROOM. I'm so innovative, I know. Well, family is in town and I still have a paper to write.

Monday, April 21, 2008

half marathon!

This weekend I have decided to run a half marathon with a freshman roommate of mine! I am a little intimidated but I have to start somewhere, right? My goal is to either do the St. George (my first choice) or Salt Lake half marathon at the end of August. I am a little sore today from my 5k run this morning, but I will press on with my novice training program...its definitely something to look forward to!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

We are going to be grandparents! well...sort of. Our cat Lucy is pregnant and we think she will have her kittens sometime next month. Here are some current pictures of her ever expanding waistline!!! :) Enjoy!

Dr. Gray's Art History and Visual Culture Production class

Dr. Gray's class was really fun, I did a lot of experimenting. The first Collage is based on what I learned fromm Mirium's pow wow culture lesson on collage, and then her lesson on wearable billboards (the vest pictured with me in it) that made a statement...the one I chose was on the vest tag "Take charge of your health" because its something I know I still need to work on, especially when it comes to eating healthily. And the last two pictures were from my lesson on twisted dioramas that made a statement inspired by a movie or tv show, so I chose my time honored favorite, Across the Universe, and made a statement about the government getting involved in places it shouldn't and not paying attention to some very serious issues, such as the Burma/Tibet persecution and the inaction in Darfur. They say we need a revolution we-ell ya know...we all want to change the world. (coincidentally my theme for the semester in that class)

The rest of my 115 class...with a corrected TOFU box!

I did not realize how much I had done until just now. the first images are from my commercial tofu box that dealt with the fibbonocci series...I think. Or some other mathematical design concept. Then I had some experiments with a still life that I used in my final, three images from my initial triptych on failure ("About the failure, Guilty as charged, and Never good enough"), my final triptych (all three images together) and my self portrait that was a color theory experiment. I think.

Dr. Graham's VaEdu450 Class

Here are some of my works that I did in Dr. Graham's Advanced Studio 450 class. The first project was my Mandala of infinite meditaion, then we did graphic novels, and landscape paintings (watercolor and oils) and a sacred place collage that I did with photos from the the spot where I was proposed to almost two years and three months ago :) and the last little drawing was my first pen and india ink of an airplane and I really loved it. What an amazing class.

for everyone who went to new orleans with me...

and left the Yellowcard concert early. "Only One" is one of my most favorite songs even though you can's see too much. enjoy. they rockkkk.

A lopsided tofu box

Ahh the last day of classes. What a fantastic semester this has been...and it seems only fitting that i start off my image collection with my two dimensional final portfolio. I actually really liked it (unlike my drawing final) minus the fact that my tofu box is really hard to flip the right way. so it goes. And I got my Lia Sophia Jewelery AKA a certain someone's two year anniversary gift to me :) Oh how I love him!!! well I have a lot of work to put up here in the next few days so I guess I better get to work! More later

Monday, April 07, 2008

my life is a high school musical

What a fantastic weekend. I got lots of work done...mostly in the art and including my tripych inspired by a not-so-good experience but it turned out soo good and full of angst. I will put it up as soon as I can. And my Stella-inspired piece which I actually really liked and it turned out to look really familiar, like I had seen one just like it before or maybe done something like it before. Odd. Taught my first high school lesson-on surrealism (art history). I had a really good time with it and I always get really excited when it comes to talking about supervisor was shocked I could keep up that energy for a full hour, twice today. But I think today I really realize how much I wanted to teach high school. I may be a bit intimidated initially about the fact that pretty much everyone is bigger than me and sometimes high school is just so... LOUD, which I do not really like. At all. But I really like the kids. I feel this real connection, like "I know what you are going through and yeah sometimes it really sucks. But there can be good things about school.... like art????" Maybe. Its a little weird to think that the hubby is almost done with school. He doesn't think so but I do; registering for my last real semester of classes was like WHAAAT?? really?? wow. I wonder all the time where we will end up. I just hope its not too pricey of a place so we can make it to the motherland someday... CHILE.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


self: great day! Haven't said that in awhile. But it is true. I have amazingly enough been inspired by my not-so-inspiring blog post that I have been thinking about for the last 2 hours!! Off to put it all to paint!

i am

Today we learned how to blog in my visual culture class. It sounds silly saying that but maybe this is a good time because I am having an identity crisis. It happened in my art criticism class when we were having this debate on child prodigies and abstract art vs. "true to life art", I guess. I think I was made out that I only liked art that looks like something else. So I guess that means that I am not a real artist. Feeling stupid in that class reminded me of the other day when I was watching a Red Sox game and went for a high five thinking that we scored a run only to realize that it was the other team and I was severely scolded for that. So I guess that means I am not a real sports person. And at the New Orleans conference I chose time and time again to work out in the cool new Hilton facilities rather than attend some of the workshops. But they had cardio theater!!! So I guess that means I am not a real art teacher. Maybe I just wish I could find my niche in artmaking, the motivating "x" factor that drives all artists through their creative genius. And maybe I am sick of waiting. Well the elliptical calls...
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