Saturday, December 13, 2008

Running Running

Well, I pulled my first school-related all nighter last night, finally getting to bed around 8am Friday morning. 

BUT my curriculum is complete, three inches thick, and gorgeous. Though, it was heartbreaking to give to my teacher when I thought back to how many hours I slaved over the documents therein. It was a little sad too to think that I have never before worked on a single artwork for that many hours. I feel like my curriculum should be placed in some museum or institution for all to see and admire, it is such a profound and comprehensive work of art. It pains me to think that only two people will ever have fully read it, myself included. But, it is over with and we are on to more important matters... like Running!

I ran my 3rd 5k of the year (and the semester) last Saturday with M. It was great, I made a PR and even managed to make it to Yoga a few minutes late afterwards. Unfortunately, it began the official (unofficial was on Thursday) start of my bug. The virus still persists, but I refuse to resort to meds. I will press on and hopefully a week from now will be running full throttle again. This week was a minor setback, but I am glad to have it out of the way before vacation and the half-marathon in April. Less than four months away.

And tonight I completed Christmas presents for both my secret santa and d. I still have to work on the one for D but that will have to wait till Monday. Now off to work on that research paper, 5th (and last!) basket, and study for Geology (gag). Also, you should check out this video I posted today on my other blog of Kevs on the attack. Its pretty funny. And accurate.

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