Thursday, January 01, 2009

No place like Home Alone

We just got back today from a marvelous two weeks with our families for the holidays. We had so much fun attending sporting events, shopping, going to Kirtland, seeing movies, and just being with our amazing families. 
So we came home in good moods, with about 10 pounds more luggage and 5 pounds (apiece) more weight than when we left. And two belated Christmas surprises by our darling Kevs:
1. He tore open a completely unopened box of honey nut Cheerios from the kitchen, broke open the plastic bag inside the box, took it under our bed and proceeded to EAT some of the Cheerios. We only found about half the Cheerios. What kind of cat does that??? Its not like he was starving, we had family checking in on him and feeding him... on that note, I apologize to MD and her family for his behavior. I didn't take pictures of THAT since I thought it was a little too violent for the public to view.
2. While there were other things that were attacked (like a mouse I have already stitched up twice that will probably never recover, multiple toilet papers and paper towels, random boxes) while we were away, no one suffered more than this poor bear my brother gave me for my birthday a few weeks before we left. You can't tell by the photo, but he is missing an eye, and the "Happy Birthday" star has stuffing coming out of it. It is also soaking wet and we are predicting that it was tossed into the toilet. Thus, it no longer sings. Sad.
So don't be fooled. Even though your pet may seem innocent, you never really know they are actually Marley-wannabes until you leave them Home Alone without enough toys.

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Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

You have a demon cat. I loved Marley and Me, the book was much better though. Happy New Year!

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