Friday, December 19, 2008

KG and Me

I just read Marley and Me last night/this morning. It was so good, I could not put it down, even with the sleeves of my tshirt soaked in tears and an embarrassing display of mucus streaming down my face. What a book. I give it 5 of 5 stars. Everyone should read this book. It has so many life lessons and things to think about. Like, every 1 in 6 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Really?Which made me start thinking about my eating habits. 2009 will mark the first year that I can actually start thinking about the plausibility of having a baby growing inside of me, since I will be fulfilling my father's strict instructions to us by completing my schooling before having children. A living being! And then I thought, what kind of an environment have I been creating in my body in preparation for this? Probably half of what I ate yesterday had some form of refined sugar, mostly chocolate. Even though I am strictly anti-soda/carbonation, alcohol, smoking, and drugs (prescribed or otherwise) other than a multivitamin I really eat more garbage (nutritionally speaking) than I should. 

So, after reading that book, two things popped up in my mind as my new #1 and #2 New Year's Resolutions. #1 Eat nutritionally balanced (encouraging D to do the same) and #2 to be more patient. Yeah, my boys may be a handfull but they are my boys after all and I love them that way. Especially after reading that book, I have never been so appreciative of my locura of a little KG and his quirky personality. I just wish we could have been with him this year for Christmas.

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