Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hala Faisal... BBC News

I came across the most beautiful story today on the BBC news. Hala Faisal is a painter in Syria who really lives her art, even through all the oppression she is forced to endure from where she lives. In a place where freedom of expression is so tightly controlled, this woman has really gone above and beyond as an artist who expresses herself, protects herself, and loves herself through her art. 
One of our professors in the Art Education Department, Dr. Beattie, went on a sabbatical to Syria a few months ago and is returning next week to finish some work. The few stories she has told us in Curriculum class of her Syria experience both fascinate me and frighten me as a woman. You should watch this movie of this noble woman, Ms. Hala Faisal. I know if I had the opportunity to go to Syria on sabbatical, she would be the first person I'd want to visit.

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