Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the greatest family home evening ever

Last night was one of those few Monday nights where Drew and I actually did something other than eat sunday leftovers and watch Monday Night Football. We had some awesome plans...
First we made Christmas cards (my idea) via printmaking, which Drew was surprisingly a pro at! I was so impressed. I'll post those pictures as soon as I finish the cards, since we had to leave before we finished to play... 
LASER TAG! (Drew's idea) with Drew's co-worker, his wife, and 5 other husband-wife couples they knew; we played boys v. girls. It was so fun! I got 12th of 14 places, whereas Drew got 1st (in my defense, it was my first time!) but even that could no
t save the boys, since we beat them by 8 points!
Afterwards, we came home and watched a movie in bed. What a great FHE! Especially after such a lazy weekend that looked like this:
 and a little bit of this on my part:
Making Buckeyes with Ohioans Bananas and Cole.
And making Christmas cookies with Mager.
Its almost Christmas!!! 
One month till our Boston-Columbus Christmas Eve!

1 comment:

Kana said...

what a nice life you have with your hubby<3
i would love to see these chrstmas cards!!! :)

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