Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have made this blog in an attempt to accomplish what I hope all of my students will do.
To keep a visual journal, a notebook, a record of art.
And to record one page a day, spending around 30 minutes (or more. or less) on each page.
I will attempt to assist in the creative process by randomly selecting from a group of themes if necessary.

Today I am curious.
What is it that makes cats (especially my own) so curious about absolutely everything??
Even if he knows that he is not going to eat it, he still wants to smell/look at/touch my food.
No matter what I am doing, he has to poke his head in and get in the middle of what I am doing.

I hate my geology class. I don't need to know anything about geology, yet I am taking the class because I have to and since all I care about is passing, I busy myself with other things during this inane and mind-bogglingly boring class.

What would I be like if I had the interest in everything and anything like KG? What if everyone was instilled with this passion of learning, not just about what they are going to study, but about EVERYTHING that interacts somehow with their lives?

I suppose we would have to be in the time of philosophers to understand even remotely what that would be like.

For now, I can content myself in knowing that I do have a passion about many things.
I love Art.
I love my Family.
I love Running. Yoga. Pilates. Working out.

And I love teaching because I love people. And instilling them with a love of learning is something that I will happily work my whole life to achieve.

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