Friday, November 28, 2008


Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with interior design. The apartment we currently live in we have inhabited for over a year, of which time I have done some SERIOUS redecorating, theming each room to a season: Summer=Bathroom, Spring=Living Room, Fall=Kitchen, Winter=Bedroom.

So when my parents bought me a few necessary items to complete the Chi I so desperately desired to fulfill in my home, I was so thrilled, I had to take pictures.

The first present (a singing bear) I received, my cat immediately attacked. He LOVES ribbons. And that is fine with me, because I got... New Dish towels (and assorted accessories) for my Kitchen!!

And palm tree towels to round out our tropical theme in the bathroom!
I love birthdays. Especially when it means I get to indulge a little in my interior design endeavors!


one week and counting till the Nutcracker 5k, my third of the year. I'm a little nervous still but being in a tutu could be fun. Even if nobody will be there to watch me/cheer me on since they will be at work! well, in ode to thinking about running, here is the (only) photo of me from the Homecoming 5k last month.
 P.S. Also, for my birthday, I finally got a stopwatch! Woo-hoo! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

63+Home+Made+Cards=Over 20 Hours of INTENSE Labor!

When I decided that I wanted to hand make our Christmas Cards, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it took up most of the last three days, creating 63 cards to send out to our closest friends and family. Yep, you heard right, a unique, one of a kind print for a Christmas (Post)Card, that Drew made 10 of, and I made the other 53.
What was I thinking? It was so much work. And it CONSUMED me as (almost) all I thought about when I should have been curriculumming! I even forgot to eat between the hours of 8am-7pm BOTH Tuesday and Wednesday. Talk about dedication! Anyone who doesn't ADORE their card, well, won't be getting one next year! And for those of you who were not on the exclusive list (because I refuse to say I forgot anyone), be sure that I know NOW, so that you can be assured that you will get your card next year. As much work as it was, I have decided to make it a Christmas tradition...but next year, I will try to start a little earlier!
Also, I only have larger views of the cards, since I don't want to spoil anyone's delight in receiving their gift!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

giving thanks

Well its that time of year again. So here is my Top Six list for 2008 of what I am thankful for.... 1. My parents. The decisions they made when they were my age changed my life, even before I was born. 2. My husband, Drew. When I met him he changed my life and I have become a better person and more passionate artist over the years because of him. "I love Him" goes without saying. He is my heart. 3. My sisters and brother. What better gift can a parent give you than siblings? 4. My art. I love what I do and I think about it all the time. I love looking for ways to incorporate art into my life, as well as the lives of others, every day. 5. Holidays. How great is it that our country recognizes the need for families to get together at least once a year? 6. Running. Working out. Exercising. Whatever you want to call it, it is my passion. It is what gets me through the day and gives me energy to do all the stuff that I love doing.

Who says Tofu can't be art? Artist Ju Duoqi is this artist (shown above with a replicated Van Gogh) who recently had a show in Beijing where her primary source of artistic media is VEGETABLE! I have seen some things similar to this, but not quite to this extent, as she has reproduced all sorts of masterworks in veg. Here are a few photos from the exhibit and this is the link for the video showcasing her work in 90 seconds. I personally loved the "Cabbage Monroe." This has inspired me in creating my thanksgiving side dish. I will make it a work of art!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the greatest family home evening ever

Last night was one of those few Monday nights where Drew and I actually did something other than eat sunday leftovers and watch Monday Night Football. We had some awesome plans...
First we made Christmas cards (my idea) via printmaking, which Drew was surprisingly a pro at! I was so impressed. I'll post those pictures as soon as I finish the cards, since we had to leave before we finished to play... 
LASER TAG! (Drew's idea) with Drew's co-worker, his wife, and 5 other husband-wife couples they knew; we played boys v. girls. It was so fun! I got 12th of 14 places, whereas Drew got 1st (in my defense, it was my first time!) but even that could no
t save the boys, since we beat them by 8 points!
Afterwards, we came home and watched a movie in bed. What a great FHE! Especially after such a lazy weekend that looked like this:
 and a little bit of this on my part:
Making Buckeyes with Ohioans Bananas and Cole.
And making Christmas cookies with Mager.
Its almost Christmas!!! 
One month till our Boston-Columbus Christmas Eve!

Friday, November 21, 2008

ready set go...

Its that time of year again. HOME STRETCH! But after going through this nine other times, I am finally ready for this college thing to be over. Curriculum is hard. I just spent six hours on it. I feel like a couch potato.
I have to go for a run.


Creating a fantastic art curriculum is MUCH harder than I anticipated and takes so many more hours than I expected it to. I find my self thinking about it all the time, and as I have not been able to do much art off the computer, I decided to record a pensive moment this evening while I was trying to petition the Curriculum Gods for some inspiration. I was told to go home and watch Art21...

basket weaving

I tried a basket weaving class this semester, and actually really loved it.

The first basket is a market basket and the second is a small melon basket.

They take a lot longer to make than one would think, and I spent all Sunday afternoon and evening on the third basket (a key basket) which I will post soon.

I have the best sister everrrr

The other night I came home from a hard day and a butt-kicking workout, to find this. And immediately upon seeing it, I KNEW who sent it... only my sister understands my love for Christmas M&M's and flowers.
And our Kevin Garnett got acquainted with his more famous self from the Wheaties box...

Friday, November 14, 2008


I have made three cards in the last week. Two for birthdays and one for a wedding.

This first photo was the front of a birthday card.
Its me and my family! I don't know why I like cartooning so much, but I think that's why I felt motivated to switch a lesson in my curriculum to center on graphic novels. 
The second photo is the wedding collage I made for Drew's cousin.
Sometimes its not fun to draw realistically. There is a lot of detail that is difficult to capture, and a two-dimensional drawing is really just an artificial replica of the real, three-dimensional world. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. It does give me a lot of satisfaction to draw in that (true to life) manner, but it stresses me out less when I can draw how I see the world-- with my big head and all!

the napkin

Today I feel loved. This actually happened about a week ago, but it really moved me. The teacher that I have TA'd for the last 2 fall semesters gave this to me. I almost cried.

   It feels so good to be recognized for work you have done. And most of the things that were on there, I did without even thinking about it. Because it had to be done, and I wanted it done right. Reason #1 why I want to be a teacher: So that I can make a difference in some ONE's life. And its little napkins that help me recognize when I am doing that. I love my job.

I never would have thought...

TA-DA! cat would someday play fetch.
I couldn't be prouder!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have made this blog in an attempt to accomplish what I hope all of my students will do.
To keep a visual journal, a notebook, a record of art.
And to record one page a day, spending around 30 minutes (or more. or less) on each page.
I will attempt to assist in the creative process by randomly selecting from a group of themes if necessary.

Today I am curious.
What is it that makes cats (especially my own) so curious about absolutely everything??
Even if he knows that he is not going to eat it, he still wants to smell/look at/touch my food.
No matter what I am doing, he has to poke his head in and get in the middle of what I am doing.

I hate my geology class. I don't need to know anything about geology, yet I am taking the class because I have to and since all I care about is passing, I busy myself with other things during this inane and mind-bogglingly boring class.

What would I be like if I had the interest in everything and anything like KG? What if everyone was instilled with this passion of learning, not just about what they are going to study, but about EVERYTHING that interacts somehow with their lives?

I suppose we would have to be in the time of philosophers to understand even remotely what that would be like.

For now, I can content myself in knowing that I do have a passion about many things.
I love Art.
I love my Family.
I love Running. Yoga. Pilates. Working out.

And I love teaching because I love people. And instilling them with a love of learning is something that I will happily work my whole life to achieve.

the notebook

Well I signed up for my third 5k of 2008.. a Nutcracker Run at UVU on the 6th of December. It should be cold, but at least it is motivation I need to not stuff myself at Thanksgiving :) I was also thinking of starting my own visual process journal (akin to what I wish my students to do in my curriculum) and I think I will have a blog based solely on the artworks/thoughts produced by said notebook. I was even thinking about writing up a bunch of themes and randomly selecting one a day.... look for more to come.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like

I woke up today and it was snowing!!! Sure, it was only a few small flakes but it was enough to cover our car in pure snowy delight and set me in the Holiday mood. 
 I finally broke out of my funk from last week this past Sunday, when I baked some heart healthy muffins and cooked up a pumpkin stew (much yummier than it sounds).
Also, we taught Kevin how to play fetch (and yes, he is a cat). He just loves to carry that little ball-shaped mouse around the house in his mouth.... too cute. Then on Monday I finally bought some new curtains and our house (pardon my lack of humility) looks so good! MUCH better than before, especially since some of the nasty neon color juxtapositions were giving me headaches. 
Also, the presidential election yesterday. Wow. I listened to McCain and Obama's speeches and they were both impressive. As I sat there watching by myself I thought, wow, this is something I am going to remember for the rest of my life. I just hope that Obama lives up to his promises because I know I want to see some serious change to the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) act.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

LONG week

I am so glad this week is over. I am officially DONE being burned out. Its just gotten to that point in the semester where I need a vacation and I don't feel like doing anything (including my dishes, that have been sitting in the sink for *gasp!* a week!). 
I am blaming it on Halloween: How dare you interfere in my holiday merriment?? I don't like Halloween. It is fake and orange and contrived and NOT Christmas, which is indeed my favorite holiday. So now that it is over with, I don't have to pretend that I enjoy it. So ha!
I can officially put up the rest of my holiday decor!!  I love November...
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