Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two and a half years go by so fast!

Drew and I have been married so long now! I think that officially puts us in the minority for still being at BYU and not being single. I have been married officially over 50% of my time here at BYU (only 2 years "single status" although there was technically only one "single" year before I met Drew).
Is it odd to be a statistic?
Avg. age of marriage at BYU: 22. Median for females: 21. (I was 20)
And 50+% of the graduating class each year is married. Really?? That is NUTS.
And how do we celebrate? Drew and I carved pumpkins... Drew's pumkin was "pooping jackrabbit."

1 comment:

Kana said...

I still remember a time when you called me 3years ago!!! you left me a voice message...
" I met someone and, HE IS THE ONE!"
we were so busy and played phone tag for while... but I remember I was so excited and see you guy in December of that year!!! Time does go by so fast!!!

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