Monday, October 20, 2008

There is always next year

I was thinking a lot about baseball today. Not just because the Red Sox lost last night, but also just because the dynamics of fans and sports really amazes me sometimes. It is something that, while there is no real control over it, everyone who is interested is invested.
Kind of like art. We go to art shows and gallery openings and give our opinions. Do we like it? Do we hate it? Do we care? And just like in sports, nobody really cares about your opinion. Not that it doesn't matter, but really, IT DOESNT. The artist will continue to produce whatever he or she wants just as Terry Francona will continue to leave in players that are not doing well no matter how much we yell at the TV screen that he should do otherwise.
And looking at these two pictures (the first is from our honeymoon in April 2006, the second from our LA trip in October 2008), I cant believe how much has changed. Not just in the way that we look or dress, but at least for me in my confidence. I have SO much more confidence, not just in the way that I act but also in the things that I do. In 2006, I was preparing to apply to Art Education, and now I am almost graduating, have learned dozens of new ways of making art, and found my favorite mediums artistically as well as stylistically.
So, yeah, I may be turning 23 in a few weeks. And thats kind of scary because its OLD. But at least I have more direction in my life than I did two years ago. 
And as far as the Red Sox go... there is always next year.
P.S. I just realized something really sad. I turned in my peeps today and forgot to take pictures of my favorite ones. But I guess that is the way art is sometimes... momentary and fleeting. But I still miss them.

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