Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friends don't let friends chop their hair off

Even though... This happened about two months ago, I am still kicking myself for it. It was a Sunday night in August, and I had just gotten my hair cut back in June, I thought it wasn't "short enough". So I got out our craft scissors and started chopping. There were multiple rounds of cutting, but this was from the first (and most hair cut off) session, whereas the other ones were just making my hair even and adding layers.
WHY would I do this????
I miss the versatility. I miss the putting my hair up in a ponytail. But I guess I am glad I did it because I can now completely forbid my future daughters to ever cut their hair too short to pull up in a ponytail. So... my mom was right. She always is. Friends don't let friends chop their hair off.
I was thinking about this post all afternoon in an attempt to really understand my rationale behind the hairs cut. Prior to the start, I was feeling a bit of a disconnect... like somethings were not quite right the way I wanted them to be. And cutting my hairs was a way of gaining back some of the control I felt I had lost. Because it was literally in MY hands. 
I liked it that way. 
And I needed to feel that control again.
So it worked. And it is now that I am back in control of my life that it seems a little silly what I did.
But I guess my little artistic endeavor was a success after all? 
......It will grow back. It always does.

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