Friday, October 03, 2008

Fierce Bridals...and first night in LA

Oh so fun. Drew's cousin is getting married next month so her sister, mom and I were stand-ins as her ENTOURAGE. You better believe it. We carried around her flowers, surrounded her with blankets as she made wardrobe changes, and shouted out Tyra-esque comments at her while she posed and then froze for the last half hour or so. But the photo shoot was in rock canyon and it was beautiful there! Here are some of my "Fierce" pics from last night (posing with Kenna), since I never got to "do" they are, just 3 years late! Also, we made it into L.A. (technically Anaheim) just about 9:30 tonight and watched the last few minutes of the Utah game at a sports bar. I am trying to convince Drew to take me to the MOCA tomorrow (there are 3, but only two are fully open, and they are only 2 miles away from each other!) and then we will go to the same sports bar tomorrow afternoon to watch the BYU v. Utah State game and then at halftime we will walk over to the Angels v. Red Sox game!! I also made Kevin's appointment this morning to be "fixed" for October 24th. We will drop him off at 7 am and pick him up 9 hours later at 4!! I am so scared to leave him for that long (he doesn't like to be alone...Anna is with him while we are out of town) but hopefully he will be fully sedated and we WILL be paying for him to get pain meds... HOW IS THAT EVEN AN OPTION??? That would be so cruel.

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