Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cleaning out my closet

Well, today I have finally decided to try on everything in my closet and get rid of everything that no longer fits me or that I don't wear. I took ONE THIRD OF MY CLOTHES to Plato's, and all I got was like 3 things sold for $11 and proceeded to buy $15 of stuff. Oy. Gave the rest to DI, my good deed for the day. So the other day I had this epiphany: As an artist, I don't NEED expensive clothes since I have finally accepted that as an artist, I get messy. That doesn't mean I can't have nice clothes, but I need to be ok with it when (eventually, as we all know it will) my clothes get dirty. As most of my jeans now have watercolor on that, it IS much easier to accept than, say oil paints. But I'm working on it. And maybe I need to start wearing a smock.

1 comment:

Merrick said...

You should be like Danielle Juarez (from Sunny's class..) and buy one of those garbage man full body smocks...that would keep your clothes clean :)

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