Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two and a half years go by so fast!

Drew and I have been married so long now! I think that officially puts us in the minority for still being at BYU and not being single. I have been married officially over 50% of my time here at BYU (only 2 years "single status" although there was technically only one "single" year before I met Drew).
Is it odd to be a statistic?
Avg. age of marriage at BYU: 22. Median for females: 21. (I was 20)
And 50+% of the graduating class each year is married. Really?? That is NUTS.
And how do we celebrate? Drew and I carved pumpkins... Drew's pumkin was "pooping jackrabbit."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Six months young

Kevin is SIX months old today. By the time we had Lucy this long, she had kittens; whereas Kevin is....well...incapable of such things at this point! So happy  birthday, KG (pictured here at about two months old with his favorite wrestling buddy, Papi) and we will have a real birthday celebration for you in six more months when the Krons come out to visit!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

poor kevin...

He has had quite the week. First we took him to the PetSmart HOWL-oween party/costume contest and paraded him around with 40 dogs and a rabbit, all dressed up and over-excited. Kevin clung to my chest the entire time, never purring but not hissing until Drew decided we should see how he reacts when we put him next to a dog. So he made a few friends... He even let the Chihuawa lick his face (but Drew didn't get it on camera) but I guess he got on the defensive when he found out someone else was wearing the same outfit as him (he is so like his mother!). And Friday, he got neutered and was a little punch drunk from the meds, then yesterday he was puking all day, probably from all the running around. And today, he seems to be back to normal! Thank goodness that whole ordeal is over. I hope I never have to go through that again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friends don't let friends chop their hair off

Even though... This happened about two months ago, I am still kicking myself for it. It was a Sunday night in August, and I had just gotten my hair cut back in June, I thought it wasn't "short enough". So I got out our craft scissors and started chopping. There were multiple rounds of cutting, but this was from the first (and most hair cut off) session, whereas the other ones were just making my hair even and adding layers.
WHY would I do this????
I miss the versatility. I miss the putting my hair up in a ponytail. But I guess I am glad I did it because I can now completely forbid my future daughters to ever cut their hair too short to pull up in a ponytail. So... my mom was right. She always is. Friends don't let friends chop their hair off.
I was thinking about this post all afternoon in an attempt to really understand my rationale behind the hairs cut. Prior to the start, I was feeling a bit of a disconnect... like somethings were not quite right the way I wanted them to be. And cutting my hairs was a way of gaining back some of the control I felt I had lost. Because it was literally in MY hands. 
I liked it that way. 
And I needed to feel that control again.
So it worked. And it is now that I am back in control of my life that it seems a little silly what I did.
But I guess my little artistic endeavor was a success after all? 
......It will grow back. It always does.

Monday, October 20, 2008

There is always next year

I was thinking a lot about baseball today. Not just because the Red Sox lost last night, but also just because the dynamics of fans and sports really amazes me sometimes. It is something that, while there is no real control over it, everyone who is interested is invested.
Kind of like art. We go to art shows and gallery openings and give our opinions. Do we like it? Do we hate it? Do we care? And just like in sports, nobody really cares about your opinion. Not that it doesn't matter, but really, IT DOESNT. The artist will continue to produce whatever he or she wants just as Terry Francona will continue to leave in players that are not doing well no matter how much we yell at the TV screen that he should do otherwise.
And looking at these two pictures (the first is from our honeymoon in April 2006, the second from our LA trip in October 2008), I cant believe how much has changed. Not just in the way that we look or dress, but at least for me in my confidence. I have SO much more confidence, not just in the way that I act but also in the things that I do. In 2006, I was preparing to apply to Art Education, and now I am almost graduating, have learned dozens of new ways of making art, and found my favorite mediums artistically as well as stylistically.
So, yeah, I may be turning 23 in a few weeks. And thats kind of scary because its OLD. But at least I have more direction in my life than I did two years ago. 
And as far as the Red Sox go... there is always next year.
P.S. I just realized something really sad. I turned in my peeps today and forgot to take pictures of my favorite ones. But I guess that is the way art is sometimes... momentary and fleeting. But I still miss them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Halloween, Kevin Faulk Youkilis Garnett

Its that time of year again. Where I have to deal with a terrible holiday that stands between me and the best holiday in the world...(Christmas). So I try to make the best of Halloween, even if it is pointless and silly. My mom got Kev this DARLING Bumble Bee Costume (meant for small dogs, I think) and I am pretty sure Kevin loves it. Well, he had better because next week we are entering him in a costume contest at the local PetSmart, and if he wins he can get a gift card there which I have promised him he can spend to his little heart's delight. KG just told me is planning on spending it on the Drinkwell Fountain and more treats like the ones Mama Astrid got him this week. He is so spoiled....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Photo

Well, its that time again. The in-laws wanted a family picture with the little brother in town, so I dressed up and Drew decided to be good and match me :) So I decided, why not have our own family picture? We may be small, but we sure are cute!! Also, this weekend was my second 5K, with sub-9 minute miles, I hit just about 27:49.9. A minute slower than last time but it was REALLY cold and started snowing and I ran with some girls I met there who were pretty slow...all in all not a bad race, but I got Drew to commit to running the next one with me (with the claim that he will beat me!). I will have to start searching....

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cleaning out my closet

Well, today I have finally decided to try on everything in my closet and get rid of everything that no longer fits me or that I don't wear. I took ONE THIRD OF MY CLOTHES to Plato's, and all I got was like 3 things sold for $11 and proceeded to buy $15 of stuff. Oy. Gave the rest to DI, my good deed for the day. So the other day I had this epiphany: As an artist, I don't NEED expensive clothes since I have finally accepted that as an artist, I get messy. That doesn't mean I can't have nice clothes, but I need to be ok with it when (eventually, as we all know it will) my clothes get dirty. As most of my jeans now have watercolor on that, it IS much easier to accept than, say oil paints. But I'm working on it. And maybe I need to start wearing a smock.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

2009 Kaiser Permanente San Fransisco Half Marathon

Well, I have finally found it. The perfect half marathon in San Fransisco that Amax and I can run together, since it is on a weekend (Superbowl Sunday to be exact-Febuary 1, 2009) and it will be my motivation to keep running this winter (mostly due to the fact that I will be able to run in sunny California! I haven't signed up yet (because you can't, its too early), but I have already printed off training schedules and hopefully will be able to find a cheap flight!

Also, while reading my Runner's World magazine, I can across this article about a new exhibition in the Tate galleryin London... Runners AS an art exhibit! It is called "Work No. 850" by British artist Martin Creed. Its a pretty cool article, and it led me to this little movie clip (just copy and paste the link below). LOVE IT!


So Amy won't run the half since its on Sunday. Unfortunately I found NO running races that were any day other than Sunday, so maybe I will just run it myself.  It would be sweet to see Amax and the Kron's, and I don't even mind that it is Superbowl weekend, mostly because of how terrible the Pats are.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Krazy Kev Movie...attacking his mouse on our bed

Cat Art

Finally home to our little guy, Kevin Youkilis Garnett. I thought it would be fitting to show his post-watercolor blue paw and painting that he made. Its good to be home. And hopefully he doesn't get any cat prego before then but we finally scheduled it, so Kevin has 21 days until he gets the big *snip snip* (October 24 at 7am). Just doing out part to keep down the rate of homeless pets :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


My first visit to the MOCA with Drew! I loved it and it really inspired Drew to think up some interesting ideas for art shows and video installations... I'll post those later. They are brilliant.


TODAY WAS AWESOME!!! We visited the two downtown LA Museum of Contemporary Art Galleries (YAY!! point:Ruth!), and then sat next to DANE COOK at the Red Sox v. Angels game, then the RED SOX WON!!!!! 7-5.... what a great night. Plus, this marks the FIRST time EVER since Drew and I have been together that we have traveled to a game (where Boston was the away team) and actually WON. (that happened with the bruins, red sox, celtics, patriots and new england revolution). TOTALLY WORTH THE 10 hour drive. What a weekend. hit up vegas and st. george and stll working on the ride home:)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fierce Bridals...and first night in LA

Oh so fun. Drew's cousin is getting married next month so her sister, mom and I were stand-ins as her ENTOURAGE. You better believe it. We carried around her flowers, surrounded her with blankets as she made wardrobe changes, and shouted out Tyra-esque comments at her while she posed and then froze for the last half hour or so. But the photo shoot was in rock canyon and it was beautiful there! Here are some of my "Fierce" pics from last night (posing with Kenna), since I never got to "do" bridals...here they are, just 3 years late! Also, we made it into L.A. (technically Anaheim) just about 9:30 tonight and watched the last few minutes of the Utah game at a sports bar. I am trying to convince Drew to take me to the MOCA tomorrow (there are 3, but only two are fully open, and they are only 2 miles away from each other!) and then we will go to the same sports bar tomorrow afternoon to watch the BYU v. Utah State game and then at halftime we will walk over to the Angels v. Red Sox game!! I also made Kevin's appointment this morning to be "fixed" for October 24th. We will drop him off at 7 am and pick him up 9 hours later at 4!! I am so scared to leave him for that long (he doesn't like to be alone...Anna is with him while we are out of town) but hopefully he will be fully sedated and we WILL be paying for him to get pain meds... HOW IS THAT EVEN AN OPTION??? That would be so cruel.
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