Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Start of the hunt for OCTOBER

I cannot believe that this month has come and gone so fast. We just set Christmas travel plans for Boston and Columbus, one week apiece, as we have done the last 3 years. And while I am so very excited to see family again, we do have to leave poor Kevin at home, as it will cost $360 to take him with us...that would be like buying him his own plane ticket!! I guess the family will have to wait till graduation to meet him. On another travel note, we (the hubby and 2 brothers in law) are leaving for L.A. (driving) again this weekend to watch the Red Sox v. Angels game and visit with the father in law! It should be a blast and I am going to try to do a lot of sketches or watercolor, even if it is a short weekend. And when we get back, its Christmas decorating time!! (Just kidding... I will wait until at least Halloween weekend!) In watercolors I am working on painting plaster head casts. I think they will look marvelous. Also, my "Unseen" paintings have taken a turn in an interesting direction... look for new posts on my website by the start of next week!

1 comment:

Kana said...

I cannot believe its Oct!!! time goes so fast... missing you during christmas season this year!!! i whish i could go home for christmas... see you in summer though!

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