Monday, September 15, 2008


Man I thought my weekend was crazy. In addition to the accident Saturday night, so many people in the East (including my family) lost electricity Sunday (meaning no a/c and having to clear out the refrigerator by throwing everything away) due to the effects (crazy 55 mph winds) of Hurricane Ike (meaning no school), in addition to the fact that they (the company that was supposed to take care of the car post-accident) "lost" the car!! How do you just LOSE a car?? And I thought not being caught up with my watercolor class was bad... really puts it into perspective. And poor Sarah can't even sit she's in so much pain. On a lighter note, today marks three years ago that Drew and I went on our first date, to the Library until midnight, and then walking through the drive thru at McDonald's followed by a brownie a la mode at Denny's. Ah, so romantic. I can't believe all that was so long ago. What a great night.

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Merrick said...

Hey Ruth! I just ran across your blog through someone else's - I love reading all about your husband (and cute kittens) and your art! Looking forward to more posts...hope all is well :)

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