Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kevins first shots

May the countdown to my last semester of BYU undergrad schooling begin! 6 Days and counting! Also momentous we took Kevin to get his first round of vaccinations! He did really well, especially considering that the first sounds he heard when we stepped out of the car were a horse and a pig, both of which would have just about made him wet his pants if he had any, he was so freaked out. Thankfully, they separated the dogs and cats into separate rooms (there was a mini poodle giving him the stinkeye when we walked in, but I think it helped that we had tried the leash on him a few times to get the fit right, so he pretty much just wandered around the waiting room sniffing all the cat food for sale (why its out in the open I have no idea) and all his shots took about 5 minutes, pain free except for the noisy dogs we could hear everywhere. Its a shame its not more soundproof but oh well. He goes in for round 2 in three weeks, and THEN a week or so after THAT we can get him "fixed". He is home now, slightly groggy and a little bumpy where the shots were administered but hopefully he will be back to normal soon. Augh I hate even thinking about doing that to him. He is such a good cat and I know it is the right thing to do, but it seems like its going to be very painful (Drew says he hurts just thinking about what will happen to Kevin). And I recently found out it is OPTIONAL to give him pain meds. WHAT?!?! Who on earth would do that to their own pet without shelling out the $20-40 for pain meds is beyond me. I certainly couldn't live with that. Anyways, we saw the Hulk last night and it was AWESOME (the Marvel version, so its MUCH better than the one that came out 2004, from what I heard) and we've also seen vantage point (not good), bucket list (very good) and we plan on seeing Hancock this weekend, as well as the new Indiana Jones movie sometime soon (AKA when it hits the dollar theater). I'm kinda bummed that I missed out on the comic book thing when I was growing up because I have recently (since high school) been fascinated with superheroes (like Clark Kent on Smallville, and the slew of movies that have come out in the last year or so my marvel: ie Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, etc). Plus, I really feel like it has value in Visual Culture and Art Education in general. We shall see. Maybe I will make a lesson plan or two on Superheroes this semester.

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