Friday, August 29, 2008

The most beautiful movie I have seen in a long time

Today I watched the movie "Bella". It is spanglish (but has english subtitles when needed) and was about these two people whose lives make some pretty unexpected turns for (seemingly) the worse. I don't want to spoil the movie plot, because it was so well done, but while I will admit I cried (a lot actually) during the movie, it was, well, in a word, BEAUTIFUL. Just became my #1 movie. BELLA.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

BOO Injury

Well, it finally happened. I got injured. My left knee has been bothering me for awhile and finally today it just ...yuck. This sick popping feel whenever I bend it. It just started today, and I am already ready to give in and get it checked out but I know I should wait. Augh. Hopefully an hour of Yoga will make it better...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stained Glass Class

My first work of art in Stained Glass, a votive. I bought the votive and cut the little pieces of glass that I then glued onto the glass and caulked. Pretty huh? Also, speaking of Summer... Here are some pics from my first haircut of the summer (the one I DIDNT do myself, back in June) BEfore and After (although it is shorter now, about collar-length)

Ruth as Really Rosie

This was a picture that I can not believe I forgot to post! We did advertisements for our art classes in Dan's technology class and I LOVED the way it turned out. Its me being "Rosie the Rivetor"!

Kevins first shots

May the countdown to my last semester of BYU undergrad schooling begin! 6 Days and counting! Also momentous we took Kevin to get his first round of vaccinations! He did really well, especially considering that the first sounds he heard when we stepped out of the car were a horse and a pig, both of which would have just about made him wet his pants if he had any, he was so freaked out. Thankfully, they separated the dogs and cats into separate rooms (there was a mini poodle giving him the stinkeye when we walked in, but I think it helped that we had tried the leash on him a few times to get the fit right, so he pretty much just wandered around the waiting room sniffing all the cat food for sale (why its out in the open I have no idea) and all his shots took about 5 minutes, pain free except for the noisy dogs we could hear everywhere. Its a shame its not more soundproof but oh well. He goes in for round 2 in three weeks, and THEN a week or so after THAT we can get him "fixed". He is home now, slightly groggy and a little bumpy where the shots were administered but hopefully he will be back to normal soon. Augh I hate even thinking about doing that to him. He is such a good cat and I know it is the right thing to do, but it seems like its going to be very painful (Drew says he hurts just thinking about what will happen to Kevin). And I recently found out it is OPTIONAL to give him pain meds. WHAT?!?! Who on earth would do that to their own pet without shelling out the $20-40 for pain meds is beyond me. I certainly couldn't live with that. Anyways, we saw the Hulk last night and it was AWESOME (the Marvel version, so its MUCH better than the one that came out 2004, from what I heard) and we've also seen vantage point (not good), bucket list (very good) and we plan on seeing Hancock this weekend, as well as the new Indiana Jones movie sometime soon (AKA when it hits the dollar theater). I'm kinda bummed that I missed out on the comic book thing when I was growing up because I have recently (since high school) been fascinated with superheroes (like Clark Kent on Smallville, and the slew of movies that have come out in the last year or so my marvel: ie Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, etc). Plus, I really feel like it has value in Visual Culture and Art Education in general. We shall see. Maybe I will make a lesson plan or two on Superheroes this semester.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

summer cuteness

more pictures of the kittens in their younger weeks.... mostly due to all the summer traveling we took a lot of pictures but they stayed in the camera for quite some time. enjoy!

Kittens Drinking from toilet!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

dolla dolla bills ya'll

Well here is the picture I wanted to have the other day of Drew and his "baby girl" PeePee. And the other picture is of Kevin and Lucy sleeping by my shoes as usual. Anyways, the reason for my posting is not just that I finally figured out how to put up pictures but also because I was really excited that I was working To-Go's at Mimi's all day and finally (after a lot of 50 cent and no-tips) did an order that was $95 and the guy tipped me $50!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! It absolutely made my day, especially when I thought about the $8 an hour I was making (for 5 and 1/2 hours) meaning that I made more in that one order than I did all day!!! Needless to say, I celebrated by NOT buying anything believe it or not...I am really trying to save up all of my tips to prove to Drew that I can be responsible and save money, and it is much harder for me to save the cash, so that is what I am trying to do. Plus, Drew and I recently decided to get a Mac laptop, so money for tat is all I will be asking for for my birthday, Christmas, and Graduation. Well, I do want a blender for smoothies and a new pair of running shoes, since mine have slowly been falling apart all summer. Oy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

if at first you don't succeed...

Try try again. And again. That was the theme of the past few days for me. It started off with trying to give the kittens baths on Sunday (NOT a good idea, no matter how much they appear to like playing in water), playing golf at the driving range yesterday, and trying to get over this terrible virus with my sanity intact. Yikes. At least I have had the last two days off of work (to get some more Olympics watching in!). Watching Michael Phelps is always more exciting than making money. What a class act! Well, still working on getting back on track with my running (to do that half marathon for next year) but its hard with all the coughing... hopefully I will be better by the end of the week. We took some really cute pictures of Drew and "Baby" PeePee wrappped in a blanket, but it doesn'e seem to want to upload. Maybe later.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the final photos of the Girl formerly known as Papi

at three months old...the cutest little calico I have ever seen. And the craziest.

Ode to Papi...

three weeks

four/five weeks

and at about 2 and 1/2 months, the picture that won over a loving family in SLC.

Monday, August 04, 2008

good bye papi...

Well after a hard couple of weeks trying to advertise the kittens online, Papi has a new home in Salt Lake City and we are lefty with Lucy, Kevin, and PeePee. and P.S. we found out Papi's a girl the other day. Whoops.
It is so quiet in our house now. 3 months of those crazy little guys and I sure was used to them. We got an email today and I spoke with a woman about Lucy (knock on wood) hopefully it works out...
I am just glad that we took a lot of pictures of our first little family. And yeah, I cried giving Papi away yesterday but that was the first time in my life I had ever raised something (or someone) and had to give her to a total stranger. I can't even imagine what it would be like for a parent to give up their child for adoption. 
We are officially in August. The Summer is 2/3 over. Yikes. As much as I love summer though, it was a HOT summer. Especially without A/C. And as much as I had looked forward to the all-you-can-eat-fruits and veggies of summer, it certainly didn't take me long to realize... I CANT AFFORD IT! Haha, which is ok, I will be happy to go back to my canned/frozen fruits and veggies, soups and stews and homemade bread and hot cocoa in the fall. But until then I will enjoy my sun. :) And will put up some last pics of Papi tomorrow. 
I have tomorrow and Wednesday off work, yet I still have so much to do. That is all. Miss you Papi... but I am SO relieved that giving away Pee Pee didn't work out. We are DEFINATELY keeping her. Forever. She's our little girl. And Kevin? What is not to love about him? He is a sweetheart and is so good about keeping me company (thank you, grandpa for training him!). hopefully we can keep both???
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