Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Love

Well after a few months of summer, I am exhausted but feel accomplished. I got straight A's for spring term classes, have pretty much mastered my job and just finished reading a book about globalization and the "new economy" that was about 600 pages, not to mention that I FINALLY finished my independent study for Modern Art History, even if it was with a B-. And then there was all the traveling. We started off with going to LA for the NBA finals in June for a weekend for Game 5 I think it was. Then I had my final exams and the next week drove out from Utah with Anna to South Carolina. Then to Ohio the end of the week. Then flew back to Utah and drove down to Arizona the next week with Drew for visiting his mission, which was fun because we got a lot of free meals and a family sent us for a free two night stay in this resort in Phoenix. And now we have been home for a few weeks, yesterday "celebrating" two years and three months of marriage :) and sunday celebrating the kittens three month birthday. We are still looking for homes for Lucy and all the kittens except Desmond, who is informally adopted through Emily for Anna when she gets back here. And since they are "coming of age", we are having to find an inexpensive place to get them all fixed, you know, to do our part for society by reducing the amount of strays that can keep reproducing. I thought it would be appropriate to add some photos from LA..Enjoy!

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