Monday, April 28, 2008

New additions to our little family...

what we first saw at 8am on our bedroom floor....

We thought Ms. Lucy was all the addition we needed, but I guess you could say she had other plans for us! According to our calculations, Lucy, who had her babies yesterday, 27 April 2008 (Sunday) got pregnant less than a week after we got her!! Yikes that girl works fast!!!
Needless to say, we couldn't be happier for our little unattached girl... she had the kittens yesterday from about 830 am to 1130 am and the story of how we found out is pretty funny. I woke up about 830 am and could not find Lucy--I was worried that she had been inside the house pretty much all day yesterday and since we do not have a litter box in the house I was concerned about...well, lets just say the condition of the carpet. So I was searching around the house and could hear her cooing (she only meows for food and to go outside) so I went back to the bedroom, lifted up the cloth on the nightstand, and felt around for Lucy, feeling her and--SOMETHING WET AND SQUIRMY!! In my best defense, I was not wearing my glasses/contacts (which I think I am legally blind without and) I freaked out because we had had a serious mice problem a little while back and she is an outdoor cat, so (from what Drew tells me) I started screaming and throwing a fit for him to "kill the mouse!" and he looked over and replies "Um... I think thats a kitten."
So I went into automatic mommy-mode, quickly accommodating the timid newborn grey kitten we would call "Jude" and his placenta with some much needed towels.
So for the next three hours I stayed by Lucy's side and tried to keep her calm but of course she had it all under control, and then came Kevin Garnett (with his all-black hair, but white spots that were just about the exact same spots as Luce on his face and paws) and very shortly thereafter Paul Pierce (who was black with a white tummy, legs, "collar" and face).
And then came Jude's "twin", Desmond, who was also all-grey but was much more aggressive than his elder brother. And finally, at about 1130 came my personal favorite and the little surprise of the bunch, a brown and white and black calico-looking kitten I named Big Papi.

It was just amazing. I was expecting four (so that fifth was a shocker!) and all of them survived and are doing super well. The only people we have had over are the downstairs neighbors (who have already offered to take one!) and Drew's cousins. But Lucy is good about letting me handle them (and other people as well) so long as she keeps a watchful eye on us. They are all so beautiful, it's hard to imagine them getting cuter when they are chubbier and fluffier and when they open their eyes!!

And Lucy is doing very well, the picture perfect mama who has grown even more attached to me, which Drew attributes to me being there and petting/giving attention to her during labor. So she follows me around, but races back to the kittens when they start crying. We were a little bummed that my family left the day before the kittens came but at the same time it would have been a little chaotic.

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