Monday, April 07, 2008

my life is a high school musical

What a fantastic weekend. I got lots of work done...mostly in the art and including my tripych inspired by a not-so-good experience but it turned out soo good and full of angst. I will put it up as soon as I can. And my Stella-inspired piece which I actually really liked and it turned out to look really familiar, like I had seen one just like it before or maybe done something like it before. Odd. Taught my first high school lesson-on surrealism (art history). I had a really good time with it and I always get really excited when it comes to talking about supervisor was shocked I could keep up that energy for a full hour, twice today. But I think today I really realize how much I wanted to teach high school. I may be a bit intimidated initially about the fact that pretty much everyone is bigger than me and sometimes high school is just so... LOUD, which I do not really like. At all. But I really like the kids. I feel this real connection, like "I know what you are going through and yeah sometimes it really sucks. But there can be good things about school.... like art????" Maybe. Its a little weird to think that the hubby is almost done with school. He doesn't think so but I do; registering for my last real semester of classes was like WHAAAT?? really?? wow. I wonder all the time where we will end up. I just hope its not too pricey of a place so we can make it to the motherland someday... CHILE.

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