Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dr. Gray's Art History and Visual Culture Production class

Dr. Gray's class was really fun, I did a lot of experimenting. The first Collage is based on what I learned fromm Mirium's pow wow culture lesson on collage, and then her lesson on wearable billboards (the vest pictured with me in it) that made a statement...the one I chose was on the vest tag "Take charge of your health" because its something I know I still need to work on, especially when it comes to eating healthily. And the last two pictures were from my lesson on twisted dioramas that made a statement inspired by a movie or tv show, so I chose my time honored favorite, Across the Universe, and made a statement about the government getting involved in places it shouldn't and not paying attention to some very serious issues, such as the Burma/Tibet persecution and the inaction in Darfur. They say we need a revolution we-ell ya know...we all want to change the world. (coincidentally my theme for the semester in that class)

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