Thursday, April 24, 2008

the best work of art I have ever made

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! well, it is a day late but I did plant my first garden today. It was an exhilarating experience but took me three hours, about as long as it took me to clean my entire house before my family came to see my house since they got into town. My back is sooore. And I forgot to eat since I was so busy so even though its 10pm I am still hungry after dinner and three desserts :) It happens. I planted a strawberry plant, about 10 tomato plants and a BUNCH of flowers, petunias and some other "P" starting named red flower. It looks beautiful. I will put up a picture as soon as I can find some batteries. I have dubbed this, my very first garden, as not just my pride and joy but also the best work of art I have ever made, because EVERYONE can see it...hopefully especially my neighbors and the people who work at Cherry Lane Keepsakes next door and it will make their day happy and inspire them to also follow the prophets counsel and plant a garden. Also, it is my darling Lucy's first birthday today (or so we have decided) so I bought her a pretty pink collar (with a bell so I stop accidentally stepping on her I hope!) that I think she really likes. And she was very interested in gardening with me, moving the dirt around and sniffing all the plants, surveying everything that I was doing the whole time. She loved it. And it was fun to see the surprised look on our neighbors face as she saw that the leaves were finally a BROOM. I'm so innovative, I know. Well, family is in town and I still have a paper to write.

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