Tuesday, December 04, 2012

well kids, it was fun while it lasted. IMPORTANT UPDATE

This blog has served me well for the last three and a half years. Since I started it in spring 2008 as an art education technology experiment, it has blossomed into much more than a display of my artwork, it became about my life experiments, including (and now basically starring) my little d. While I have desperately tried to put in as many photos as blogger would allow me to on this blog and keep it together till 2013, I am over jumping hoops and it looks like my blog and I will be parting ways earlier than expected.

Not to worry, I have known for a little while this was coming and have already set up another blog (did you really think I would stop blogging?) under another account. Maybe someday someone will help me figure out how to host my own blog, but until then I will continue to be a cheapskate who doesn't really know much about the technicality of blogging so... c'est la vie.

You are welcome to continue to stalk me...(mom): The link is here, or you can just google ruthdowling.blogspot.com

It's not much now, but just like this blog it will adapt and look better as we go. So here's to change. And an early start to 2013. Onward and upward.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

last birthday as a mother of one?

seeing as how we will be spending the day going to music makers, napping, then jetting out to Boston for a night on the town at Fenway's winter wonderland, I think it is safe to say today will be pretty awesome. And while I am not yet experienced in the ways of two-child-dom, little d has turned into my favorite little traveling partner, and we love riding the train ("just like Curious George!" as someone would say) even if it takes four times longer than driving in... but life is all about experiences, and my experience in exploring the city with a little one in tow (especially as it concerns going to Fenway Park) are only increasing in enjoyability. I don't know how paletteable this whole traveling into the city thing is going to be once baby A gets here, so I am soaking it up as much as we can. Wednesday we went to the aquarium and earlier this month we did the Museum of Science. I think I will have to make these little mommy-son ventures at least a monthly thing till April, they are just such good learning experienes for the both of us. Everyone gawks at how adorable and well mannered little d is (how could they not? he's fabulous!), and how I am able to traipse all over town with him and for about 90% of the time he will happily walk on his own. The other 10% of the time I count as strength training because lifting 30 pounds is no small feat.

Speaking of the gym, I ran 3 miles on Wednesday in 38 minutes and ended with a fist pump and a mini strength training session. Monday it took me 30 to run 2. Maybe I'll go wild today and try to pump out an 11 minute mile, or maybe I'll just settle into figuring out that new sewing machine that should be getting in this afternoon. Either way, we can't wait for the Mr. to come home tonight so he can make me a cookie cake with hershey kisses on top.  You read that right. This year, I have no desire for a standard cake of any sort, only a giant cookie, maybe with brownies and a tall glass of milk on the side.

So even if Blogger is being terrible and evil to me and not letting me post any pictures (why do you think I always choose instagram over you???) because I have "reached storage capacity" and this could potentially mean the move to another web service for my blog...still.

27 is looking closer to 21 than to 30 today. Glass half full.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My seventh year as a 21 year old

When I think back to the last year, 26 has been good to me. I ran a marathon, got pregnant with my second baby, and got to spend the most amount of time with my parents and in laws than I have since I got married. My biggest trial has probably been spending my entire 26th year without a home to call my own, living co dependent of our families and while there doesn't seem to be much end in sight to that little problem, I know that to have that be my trial is trivial when I think about our healthy little family and the fact that mr. D has a job.

While everyone tries to reassure me that i am so lucky to have help and not have to pay rent (which i understand and am very grateful for!) what has suffered the most the last year is my self esteem and value as a mother and housewife. I took a LOT of pride in decorating, cleaning, and just being in my home. Without a home I have felt a little lost over the last year and without a purpose other than being a playmate to little d (not that that is a bad gig!). Dealing with boredom is not my strong suit, and while the marathon was a good distraction, the summer was difficult emotionally and I spent a lot of afternoons napping not because I was tired but because I was a little bit depressed, usually while little d slept and he wasn't there to distract me. I know that now, especially once I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy last week and got the crafting bug big time. I suppose if I can't nest, then making everything I've ever wanted to before my onesome becomes a twosome is the next best thing. It has kept my mind busy, and my heart happy and with a better sense of purpose than I have had since I stopped working full time.

What has also helped me a lot the last few weeks is finding out I am having a girl... Because that means making bows, hairties, cute onesies, accessories and decor I don't think I would be quite as excited to make if this was another boy. After busting out the cricket a few days ago, I've been completing a zillion little projects I've had pinned for ages, then my parents gifted me with a sewing machine I should be getting any day now, and I would be lying if I said my creative little heart is oh so full.

So in short, being 26 was good. But I can already tell 27 will be even better. I know I only have four months to really indulge in this little creative habit of mine, but if it keeps me happy and sane than it will be worth it, even if I have yet to have a home to call my own.

Special thanks goes to my family for showering me with love and presents even from afar, especially to my mom who gave birth to me (a week late, poor thing!) and made the little miracle inside of me that much more special... I don't know too many bonds as strong as a mother and we firstborn daughter and I am delighted to experience it for myself next year.

And maybe I'll even find it in my heart to forgive mr. D for going to myrtle beach without me this week. ;) tomorrow is going to be the start of a wonderful 27th year.
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